[By Elena Lim]

While I am not fat by any measure, I do occasionally lament about the excess rolls of flesh loitering around my belly. Four years after my first born, I have resigned myself to the fact that these “breadrolls” as my husband affectionately calls them, are here to stay.

Liposuction and other surgical nip tucks are out of the question for me. Not only am I terrified at the sight of blood, I am even more reluctant to have any procedure with downtime that may keep me from my job and daily runs of fetching the little one to and from pre-school.

When Coolsculpt by Zeltiq came about, I was naturally interested in the procedure. I had realistic expectations about the procedure. I had a consultation with my doctor at The Sloane Clinic, where he assessed me and ascertained that I had no serious health issues. Then he explained to me that Coolsculpt basically uses cold energy to break fat cells down. Our body will then naturally eliminate the fat cells over a period of 4-8 weeks. Patients expect to see a 20% reduction in fat for every session. While it is not a total elimination of those dastardly rolls, a 20% reduction is a significant result for someone like me who have tried all means from brisk walking to cutting down on supper and failed.

An applicator was placed on my tummy and I felt a strong suction. It was by no means uncomfortable; it felt more like traditional cupping sued in Chinese acupuncture. In fact, the nurse was more concerned about discomfort than I was, and I had to reassure her I was fine. I didn’t feel anything when they turned the Zeltiq on, I just felt a cold sensation and then the area went quite numb. After 10 minutes, I settled into the procedure and was totally comfortable.

The only drawback about the procedure I envisioned was the time involved. An area takes 60 minutes, and that’s a lot of time when you are strapped to a machine. I was almost resigned to uploading random posts on  facebook using my blackberry when the clinic’s nurses came in with two trolleys filled with “goodies”, from magazines to a pot of hot tea to an ipad for me to surf the web and watch movies. The coolest part of the treatment is the fact that I could also pick a complimentary spa service from their menu as part of an added service for coolsculpting customers (probably designed after some tai-tai complained of boredom on her umpteenth coolsculpt session). I chose to have Lush feet which are heavenly hot paraffin wraps on my feet to hydrate and soften my skin. In fact, before I could start on my second People magazine, the procedure was over, quicker than I had anticipated.

When the nurses removed the zeltiq applicator from my tummy, I was a little concerned to see that my skin was ice cold and flushed pink. The area felt a little numb and swollen but not uncomfortable. The nurses gently massaged the area and after 5 minutes, the pinkness had subsided somewhat. I left the clinic with no problems and was able to move around comfortably. I had no bruising from the procedure even though I was told it was possible for some patients to experience bruising. Guess I was one of the lucky ones.

I didn’t see any results for the first 2 weeks. Truth be told, I was starting to be a little concerned that my money had gone down the drain. However on the 4th week, I noticed that my jeans definitely felt a little looser around the waist and my tummy was visibly flatter to the naked eye. In fact, I was so encouraged by the positive feedback from my family and friends who mistakenly thought I had embarked on some new exercise regime that I have already booked myself in for the next Coolsculpt session. Next up: I am planning to do my love handles and then perhaps my thighs. I will keep you posted.

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8 thoughts on “Coolsculpt by Zeltiq”

  1. I had my coolsculpt on my abs 4 weeks back. the first week, i ached a bit but there was no bruising or downtime. i didnt see any difference for the first 10 days and was beginning to feel skeptical when i noticed the area significantly flattened down from week 3 onwards. I am planning to return for my second hit in a few days time. keep you guys posted.

  2. I had Coolsculpt done on my thighs and it was very comfortable. In terms of discomfort, this is even more comfortable than waxing.

  3. how long you manage to maintain the result will be totally up to the individual. I believe that if you do not watch your diet and exercise, no treatment or surgery for that matter will stave he fat away for long.

  4. I had my upper and lower abdomen treated. The initial sensation when the machine sucks your fat up is weird and a bit uncomfortable but it doesn’t last very long and then I sat back and read my book for the rest of the time. Each treatment took an hour and at the end I was able to go straight back to work. I didn’t have any bruising or swelling either which was great. I first started to see the results after about 6 weeks and by 3 months I found I had the result I wanted. I am very very happy. Easiest way I have ever reduced my fat! I was skeptical at first because there are so many things on the market that promise you the moon but this really does work.

  5. After reading many online reviews about different non-invasive fat reduction procedures, I decided to give Cool Sculpting a try considering it’s safe and the overall grading provided noticeable results.

    The treatment itself did not bother me much for the first time, but after the treatment, around day 10 and day 11, I felt pretty uncomfortable, my stomach upset me that I needed to call the spa to ask for advice. The owner told me he did not recommend to take stronger medicine, just over-the-counter pain reliever should work, therefore I never had any prescription drugs during that 2-week after the procedure. Luckily, once I passed the two weeks mark, my discomfort were gone, then I just checking myself and take photos to see if there’s any change on me. My belly does look smaller.

    Once I reached week 13, I considered I have seen enough result from the 1st treatment, so I scheduled a second treatment with the same spa to target the upper abdomen that was not treated at the first time. The certified technician took the after pictures of me to compare to what she took for before treatment, she did see a big difference, she put before and after phonto side-by-side for me to look too, yes, the round belly has been reduced by a lot.

    When I was ready to get the second treatment, Natalie used different measurements to see if using 2 smaller applicators on each side would be better or to use just one large applicator on the upper abdomen, so she chose to use one large applicator only,, This time she really pull my fat hard, tried to grab as much fat as she could to squeeze.into the applicator, this time I felt more uncomfortable during the treatment because my skin were pulled too tight, my body felt very tense.

    After the treatment, I did not suffer as much bruising, swollen, itching and pain like the first time, Although she pull me very tight, perhaps my body did not have enough treatable fat left to be target, so I see can still little more fat reduction, but definitely not such an obvious result like the first time. Since this is the same procedure for the same problematic area, I got a discount of 50%.

    I do feel I don’t carry that much fat anymore, my belly is not that bulging like it used to be, this kind of feeling is good. In the meantime, I still have to watch what I eat and do light exercise so the weight won’t gain back.

    This treatment has been great.

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