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Short of plumping our faces with hyaluronic acid fillers and freezing our frown lines with Botox, here are some ingenious ways to shed 5 years off our face in an hour. If you need to look fabulous to hit the town tonight, these makeup tips are for you. Read on.

Stay Away From Dark Lipstick

As we age, our lips thin. Super dark lipstick on skinny lips isn’t attractive. Your best lipstick bet is the shade closest to your natural lip color or if you like color, rosy reds. Orange lipsticks are aging, but pinks are not. Instead of playing up your lips, concentrate on your eyes as your feature attraction.

Not sure what color works for you? Hit the department store counter along with a friend you trust. Try on many colors with the help of a counter person and you’ll figure out quickly what shades flatter your skin tone.

A bit of lip gloss makes lips appear plumper. Dab a bit on cheeks to create a dewy glow.

Permanent fix: try a shot of Restylane lip fillers. The latest Restylane vital is used to hydrate the lips and plump out lip lines without making lips look big. Lasts 6-8 months.

Try Eye Pencils Instead of Liquid Liners

Eye pencils are softer than liquid liners, which can be harsh on aging eyes. To soften the line even more, smudge it with your fingers. And don’t line the inside of the eye if you have small eyes, it makes the eye appear smaller.

Make Your Eyes the Center of Attention With the Right Eyeshadow Shades

Just as a fireplace can be the focal point of a gorgeous living room, you should make your eyes the focal point of your face. This will detract attention from any fine lines or turkey wattles.

Enhance your eye color with eyeshadow shades that will make your eyes pop. For brown or hazel eyes, golds and browns are gorgeous. Blue eyes look great with blue-gray and lighter browns and dark eyes look fantastic with dark shades.

Permanent fix: Try Latisse eyelash grower for your eyes. It is said to increase length and thickness of your lashes after 8 weeks of daily application. And longer lashes will mean your eyes will look more stunning with less eye makeup even.

Conceal Conceal Conceal

People start developing crow’s feet around the eyes in their 30s but not everyone loves crow’s feet. You can fix them with Botox or fillers (read more about these in Hollywood Secrets to Looking Younger), but there are few other non-invasive ways to conceal them or diminish the signs of them.

Don’t try to cover up wrinkles around the eyes with heavy concealer. You’ll end up with raccoon eyes. Instead, apply just a few dabs of concealer and always pat in concealer with your ring finger. You can also use a brush which distributes concealer more evenly. Try Bobbi Brown’s Creamy concealer.

Alternatively, go for YSL’s Touche Eclat

Use a concealer that is close to the shade of your skin and not one that is several shades lighter. Then set the concealer in by dusting loose powder over.

Permanent fix: Consider Botox for your crow’s feet. These tiny injections are said to be almost painless in trained hands and can keep crow’s feet at bay for 3-5 months!

Don’t Overdo Your Makeup to conceal pigmentation

Less is more when it comes to makeup as you age. If you have some age spots on your face, it is best to pre-treat them with some skin lighteners such as hydroquinone or retinoids. Use a concealer to hide the spots, followed by a light foundation and a dusting of translucent powder. If it is not possible to conceal all the spots, it is okay to let some of them show through. Whatever it is, you don’t want to pile on the foundation and powder to conceal pigment for fear of looking like an opera star. Instead, you want to use highlighter pens, tinted moisturizers and a lighter touch with the shadow and lipstick. Oh, and you might want to get some bangs.

Permanent fix: Consider investing in a series of pigment lasers at your local dermatologist’s office. Try Divine Whitening Program at The Sloane Clinic which comprises of 8 sessions of pigment lasers to lighten brown spots and brighten complexions. www.sloaneclinic.com

Thinning or Bushy Eyebrows

I’m a stickler for good brows and am known for making my friends let me tweeze theirs. Keeping your brows done nicely is like having a facelift without surgery. Here are some tips for perfect brows:

Get your brows professionally done. Nothing opens eyes up like curled lashes and neat brows. If you can’t afford waxing or threading every few weeks, use the professional’s job as a map for your own tweezing. Simply pluck the stray hairs that grow in between professional tweezing or waxing. Try Browhaus for that professional touch www.browhaus.com

Drawn-in brows are a no-no. You know the pencil-thin line you see some of your friends or women in your town wear? Well, they only age you and they’re somewhat tacky. Instead fill in sparse browse with gentle strokes of a eyebrow pencil opt for dark browns and smoky greys rather than black for a softer look.

Avoid tweezing grey brow hairs. Instead, conceal them with a brow powder or pencil.

Avoid over plucking and most of all, over the harsh eye brow tattoos favoured by some older folks, they look artificial and ages your look in an instant.

Permanent fix: Some users have reported that Latisse, commonly used to enhance eyelashes, can also help regrow brow hair. Worth a shot if you have sparse brows!

Thinning Lips

Some face readers believe that thin lips are a sign of untrustworthiness. With age, it is inevitable that our lips will lose a little collagen and end up looking thinner than our younger years. Here’s how to plump up thin lips.

Picking the right lip color is a must. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown suggests skipping the bright colors and opt for a color that’s just a shade or 2 darker than your natural lip color.

As you age, your natural lip line fades. Create a lip line by coloring in lips first with a lip liner, then apply gloss or lipstick over the liner.

Consider getting rid of lipstick and using lip gloss instead. Gloss creates the illusion of puffed-up lips, especially when applied to the middle of lips.

Lip plumpers do work, but the effects don’t last long (we’re talking under an hour). So skip the plumpers and save your money. Even Vaseline on lips will make them appear larger.

Permanent fix: beside lip fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, docs recommend a touch of botox on the outer edges of lips to minimize lines and to give lips a sexy pout.

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