[By Rebecca Lau]

Judging by the number of fake eyelashes flying off the shelves at Sephora, it is clear that Asian women view long eyelashes as one of the most important contributing factor to an attractive face. In recent years, many eyelash salons have also sprouted up all across town, and eyelash extensions were the norm amongst working women who wanted fuller lashes without the hassle of applying falsies daily.

This trend of eyelash extensions soon saw its fair share of beauty mishaps as reports of permanent lash loss as well as eyelid irritation soon surfaced. When lash-growth treatment Latisse broke into the scene a few years ago, ads with Brooke Shields and Claire Danes and their head-turning lashes endorsed the new prescription-only product, promising that you could have lashes like theirs, too. This immediately got my (and many other women’s) attention.

Having recently worn a few rounds of 15mm extensions, I was interested in learning if Latisse could give my own lashes the same volume and length naturally.

I visited The Sloane Clinic at Holland Village for a consultation with their doctor about what Latisse could do for me. Dr Lee explained to me that Latisse was discovered to be an effective cosmetic product by accident—it was originally used as a medication for glaucoma. Patients were walking out of their ophthalmologist’s office batting long lashes, and chemists took note. The active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, is only 5 per cent the medical-grade strength but will prolong the life cycle of your natural lashes from the usual three- to four-month cycle to one of nearly eight months.

I was prescribed Latisse which came in a little eyedrop bottle with accompanying sterile one-use applicators. Using Latisse is much like applying liquid liner to your lashes each morning. It’s put on with a thin brush every day to start, and then on alternating days for a period of four months. Consistent use and proper application can amp your lashes to their max for about nine months. Latisse doesn’t come cheap but when you factor in the price women have been apying for eyelash extensions or false eyelashes, it is a steal. Patience is paramount if you want to see results. Unlike eyelash extensions which give you instant gratification, Latisse works it magic slowly and gradually. But the upside is that you get to have your own lashes grow long and thick and you don’t get eye irritation that inevitably accompanies most eyelash extensions. For some, four months is an awfully long time to wait for maximum results, though users typically begin to see a difference within one month of use.

Three weeks into my Latisse program, I can see the base of my lashes becoming fuller and thicker. Remembering to apply daily is a challenge but looking at the results I have achieved so far, I’ll keep up the effort.

Latisse is available by prescription only. More details about The Sloane Clinic can be found at www.sloaneclinic.com

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  1. I used a product called revitalash years ago but that has since been discontinued. I am glad that there is a newer and better offering for the lash deprived ladies like myself. Can’t wait to try this too.

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