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If you, like many others out there, are battling with persistent acne, then this is a must read for you. There are simple ways you can gain control of your skin and achieve skin clarity in no time.

1. Avoid seaweed and other foods containing iodine

While the myth that chocolates cause acne has been debunked, foods rich in iodine have been shown to aggravate acne in some people. For the sake of your skin, reduce your intake of these iodine rich foods.

2. Don’t over cleanse

The knee jerk reaction to an acne outbreak is to cleanse your skin again and again. This will only aggravate your problem. When you over cleanse your skin, you can end up stimulating your oil glands to produce more oil to compensate for the surface skin dryness caused by over-cleansing. This will lead to more pimples not less.

3. Apply pimple cream only to the affected areas and as instructed

In your zeal to overcome your pimply affliction, it is tempting to smear anti-acne medication that is meant specifically for spot treatment, and to do it multiple times over the course of a day! Beware that certain acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide can cause skin dryness and flaking, and in the worst cases, inflammation and rashes! Always follow the instructions given and apply the acne medications where it is needed and as instructed. More is not better in this case.

4. Remove all makeup every night

This is one sin many ladies are guilty of. When you are afflicted with acne woes, the first instinct is to reach out for your heavy duty concealer to blend your blemishes away. While many ladies will spend much effort and time on concealing their blemishes, not many spend as much time removing their makeup after a long night out. Makeup can clog pores and worsen your acne. The last thing you do at night should be to remove all traces of makeup to let your skin breathe and recharge overnight.

5. Don’t pick at your pimples

This may be easier said than done for most people as it is so tempting to touch, pick and squeeze unsightly pimples. However, this will aggravate your skin leaving it red, inflamed and in the worst cases, scarred for life. So no matter how tempting it is, hands off.

6. Seek professional help

The truth is that acne is not often caused by dirt and bacteria; it can also be caused by hormonal changes in your body and stress, factors which may not always be under your control. If you find your acne is getting the better of you, you should seek a doctor’s help. There are many medical treatments which are effective for acne. Oral medications such as antibiotics and oral contraceptive pills are effective for some patients. If you are reluctant to take oral medication, you can opt to go for treatments such as Smoothbeam lasers which can help combat acne. Speak to your aesthetic doctor for more details.

Whatever the case, don’t let pimples get the better of you. Know your options and find the most effective solutions for yourself.


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