[By Jennifer Lum]

The hottest body sculpting treatment to hit the market is also the coolest. If you, like me, have stubborn pockets of fat that resist all forms of physical manipulation, then Coolsculpt may be your answer.

What is it?

This new non-invasive patented cooling technology (or cryolipolysis) helps reduce localized pockets of fat in the abdomen, back, and waist (those pesky “love handles”). These areas of fat often are stubborn to respond to diet and exercise.

The science

The scientific research behind this new technology was pioneered at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Medical School in Boston. Research has shown that fat cells are biologically vulnerable to low temperatures. The Coolsculpting procedure cools the treated area to just above freezing, at which point the fat turns from a liquid to a solid (similar to what happens when butter is refrigerated). This process promotes a process called apoptosis, which causes the targeted fat cells to shrink, while leaving surrounding skin and other tissue unharmed.

After treatment, over the course of a few weeks, the damaged fat cells slowly and safely leave the body through a natural metabolic process. (You won’t notice this happening.) As the cells leave, the circumference of the treated area shrinks. Studies conducted by the developer of the technology, Zeltiq Aesthetics, have found that the procedure may reduce fat layers by up to 1 centimeter in a single treatment.

My experience

I had Coolsculpt done on my love handles in pre-holiday battle against my unsightly bulges. The one hour procedure was surprisingly comfortable and passed quicker than expected. Initially I did not see visible improvements and was starting to fret that I may be beyond hope, but by week three, I started to notice that the treated areas definitely flattened down, and I was looking trimmer around my midsection. While I am far from being the svelte beauty I had envisioned, I am truly encouraged by the results and have booked myself in for further treatments. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Jennifer Lum is a freelance writer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is a regular contributor to well-known beauty sites as well as food & wine blogs in Asia. Her passion for eating and frequent travels has led to her perpetual quest for a body slimming treatment to battle her binge-induced bulges.


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2 thoughts on “Being Skinny”

  1. I have tried coolsculpt on my love handles and i can say for sure they def works! i have tried many other non-invasive treatments and they all fall short of expectations. while this is not lipo, so dont expect results of lipo but you can def see a flattening of the area if you wait about 4 weeks.

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