The perfect V-shaped face has been a silent envy of many ladies across Asia, everyday women and superstars alike. Now you can easily pare pounds off your face without the blade for a mysteriously fresh and defined contour. Here are some quick fixes to help you cheat the scale and look slimmer without the sweat:


When looking for the right face-slimming haircut, the first thing to consider is the actual shape of your face. The goal of a face-slimming cut is to achieve the illusion of an oval shaped face, that is a face whose length about one and a half times its width, with your jawline being slightly narrower than your forehead.

  • Layering is key for achieving a face-slimming effect as it creates a wide crown and a more tapered end towards the nape of your neck.
  • Avoid unflattering hairstyles such as bobs and pixie cuts which make a face look harsh and broad. Avoid blunt cut bags—a straight cut fringe across the forehead.
  • A side part will also help to de-emphasize your face’s circular symmetry.
  • Get a cut that’s smoother and closer to the head as that can give the illusion of a thinner face.
  • Another way to create the suggestion of length in the face by is adding some height to the top… but do so within reason so it doesn’t look like a bee hive have set up home on the top of your head.


In addition to a flattering haircut, try using highlighting and color creatively to help to make your face appear thinner. Contrast is good because it creates shading, and shading is also slimming. For instance, you can make a blonde look slimmer by adding some sun-kissed streaks into her hair. The key is to create depth and movement with colour to flatter your face rather than bring out your flaws.


A square or broad face can be due to over-sized jaw muscles that sit on the sides of your jaw. People who grind their teeth frequently develop a square jaw appearance. Botox injections can be administered to this area to relax and contract these masseter muscles, resulting in a slimmer face. Traditionally used as a treatment for teeth grinding, Botox is now used to slim and sculpt facial shapes to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of a face.

“A slimmer V-shaped face is considered more feminine and attractive. That explains why many Asian ladies opt for Botox to slim their faces.” Says Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of The Sloane Clinic.

With these nifty tricks, you can now sidestep the scalpel and achieve a more sculpted look instantly. Happy Slimming!


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  1. I am very tempted to try Botox to slim my facial shape. I’ve heard that’s what the Korean and Hong Kong stars do to achieve a slimmer face. Anyone has tried it?

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