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Crow’s feet, as endearing as they can look around a man’s eyes, are often an undesirable telltale sign of a woman’s age or worse, make us appear older than we really are.

Crow’s feet can be found extending from the sides of the eyes, up towards the temples and/or down towards the top of the cheeks. While sun exposure is enemy number one, squinting, smiling, smoking and pollution also play an important part in its formation.

We speak to Dr Chua Han Boon from The Sloane Clinic who gives us some solutions to this common problem.

1. Stop wrinkles from getting worse

Botox microinjections are effective in treating crow’s feet, and can even be used to prevent them from forming.” according to Dr Chua “I feel that Botox is not just the gold standard, but these days a fundamental requirement for preserving youthful –looking eyes. They work by temporarily reducing movement of the very muscles that result in these lines and wrinkles forming”

2. Resurface the skin, reduce lines

Fraxel and Fractional CO2 lasers such as Mixto are commonly used to address the textural changes around the eye. Both technologies remove the top layer of damaged skin, prompting the body to make new, better collagen- the renewed skin grows out plumper and less laden with lines. These kinds of treatments also give the patient additional skin tightening effects” says Dr Chua.

3. Topical problem-solving ingredients

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily to prevent collagen and Elastin breakdown. A mild exfoliator in creams or serums containing Retin-A or AHAs are useful to increase the turnover rate of the superficial skin cells. Finally intensive hydrators like hyaluronic acid help to soften dry skin and fill in and smooth – out lines and wrinkles.


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