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Serge Lutens (born 14 March 1942, in Lille, France) is a French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art-director and fashion designer. Two years after introducing his “antiperfume,” L’Eau, Serge Lutens is coming out with a second installment in the line, called L’Eau Froide.

The latest fragrance is about purity and cleanliness, but this time he wanted to push further the polar side of the fragrance, the coolness. That’s thanks largely to the incense of Somalia note in L’Eau Froide’s juice.

Like L’Eau, L’Eau Froide was created to maintain its freshness for a long while, it’s unisex and has an upright, rectangular flacon.

The new fragrance is to be launched in February exclusively in Paris’ Les Salons du Palais Royal boutique before being introduced in March elsewhere in France and worldwide.

The 50-ml. eau de parfum bottle will retail for USD$105, and the 100-ml. edp version is to beUSD $150.


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4 thoughts on “Serge Lutens Debuts L’Eau Froide Scent”

  1. Whereas I have never coma along well with warm and ambery perfumes, cool and cold notes, such as iris and fankincense sing on my skin. Passange D’Enfer and No. 19 EDT are among my favorite perfumes, and I also love incense in Dzonghka. I always enjoy minty accords and slightly mineral musks, and based on your review I have very high expectations for L’Eau Froide.

  2. I love incense, especially that “turpenic” quality you describe. It reminds me of the wood cabins and dark green pine forests of northern Ontario, my favourite summer escape.

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