[By Claire Cheng]

I am tempted to jump on the bandwagon of laser resurfacing to attain the complexion of my dreams. Everywhere I turn, I see porcelain-skinned models on billboards and magazines staring back at me. However, my phobia of doctors and technology has largely held me back. Enter: Peter Thomas Roth’s new serum, aptly called “Laser-Free Resurfacer”.

My heart skipped a beat as I was asked to take this serum for a test drive. I read the inserts and this is what I gleaned from all the beauty jargon written. What it is: An advanced serum that helps repair, resurface, regenerate, and renew skin “from the first application”!

What it is formulated to do

This serum is touted to enable your complexion to achieve laser-like results without undergoing lasers. The secret ingredient that helps to undo skin damage and recapture youth is the 33.5% Dragon’s Blood™ Complex, touted to help lessen the noticeable signs of aging that result from time, sun, and environmental damage. For Lord of the Rings fans, you will be disappointed to know that Dragon’s Blood™ Complex is not really the bodily fluid of a mythical flying creature but a patent pending concentrate featuring a naturally red extract from the Amazon’s Croton Lechleri tree proven to help accelerate skin damage repair.

As with all of Peter Thomas Roth’s products, they have undergone research and testing to give us laypeople hard data on what to expect. According to their research results, in just four weeks, this product helps boost elastin by 61%, diminishes wrinkles and lines by 56%, and increases pro-collagen by 84%. Dull, aging, overexposed skin is repaired and renewed. (Yippee!)

After reading all of the above, my heart was pounding as I started my first trial of this “dragon blood” complex. I was desperate for some much needed radiance in my lacklustre skin and wouldn’t have minded even ingredients such as horse’s poo or cat’s pee as long as they promise me the fountain of youth, so “dragon blood” is actually very acceptable to me.

My results

I used this product religiously for a month and this is what I think of it. Well no, not exactly the fountain of youth, but pretty darn close! I wanted to see what a month’s worth of product use would produce. I am pleasantly surprised! My skin has a radiance I only used to see after collagen facials, and my brown spots have faded somewhat.

I think this would be a great option for ladies who want a multi-tasking radiance booster for their skins. For those with more severe cosmetic issues such as pigmentations or blemishes, I don’t think this would quite replace a visit to the doctor’s just yet. However, for laser phobes like me, this product did deliver what it promised, even though it wasn’t as visible from the first application as advertised. I would definitely continue this serum until I squeeze every last drop from this precious scarlet bottle. I wouldn’t want to waste a single drop of “dragon blood”, would you?


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6 thoughts on “Laser-Free Resurfacer by Peter Thomas Roth”

  1. purchased a full size bottle of this shortly after it came out, because it was something new. I used it for a couple weeks and didn’t really notice any difference. I didn’t break out or anything, but it wasn’t doing enough to hold my interest. I threw it in my basket of 100 other ‘something news’ that I never finished and haven’t touched it since. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, I was in a Sephora store and the 500 point perk happened to be a little set of this serum, the matching gel moisturizer, and a facial wash. I went ahead and got it because I have so many points to use and they normally don’t offer perks that interest me too much.
    I’ve been using this serum, WITH the gel moisturizer and the facial wash in the shower for 3 weeks and this time I really see results. My face looks smoother, AND has even helped my stubborn adult acne. My skin has been really comfortable these last few weeks.
    So impressed, I went back to my Sephora store today to purchase the matching eye cream. They were still offering the 500 point perk 3-piece set so I grabbed another one while I was there. When I run out of the sample sizes I will go back and repurchase full size bottles. I’ll have to check the expiry of my original one in my basket under the sink, but it’s been awhile…
    Anyone over 40 will appreciate this product, but I highly recommend using in conjunction with the other products from the Laser-Free line.

  2. I saw results very quickly. I have had less pimples and skin tones seems to be more uniform.
    Word of caution, if you are putting this under another product, it may not blend well. For some things it worked fine but for others, it did not.
    It’s pricey but a good product.

  3. so far i love this product. i got it in the deluxe sample set. i only use it at night and just use one pump on my face. I have only been using this for about alittle over a week but i already notice more even skintone and smoother textrure. i also have noticed that if i have a pimple, it disappears very quick while using this. I will do another review after i have been using it for a few more weeks but so far i really like it. i would most likely repurchase. oh, i also wanted to add. it absorbs very quickly and is very light on your skin. dont worry about it making you oily. i havent had that problem with one bit and usually products like this make me feel oily.

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