[By Justina Wong]

IN                                                 OUT

Understated make-up             Overdone make-up

Leaving Party hair                    Going to Party hair

Smudged eyes                            Lined eyes

Wabi-sabi                              Perfection

(Perfect Imperfection)

Popsicle lips                                Lined lips

How to create the understated 2012 look?

Start by creating the perfect base for your skin. I use Epicuren’s Instant lift moisturizer to hydrate my skin.

I then apply a thin layer of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer to give my skin a healthy, dewy, out-of-the-shower sheen.

I rub Benefit cheek tint on both cheeks, smudging over the apple of my cheeks with my fingers

I keep my top eyelid unlined and bare. Instead, I smudge some dark metallic eyeshadow over my bottom lids. I like urban decay’s naked collection with tis understated metallic shades.

I apply a coat of my trusty Maybelline mascara over my lashes.

Finally, I create a popsicle lip by smudging  a red lip stain on the centre of my lips. Using my fingers, I smudge it outwards so the colour stays on the centre of my lips, like the effect created by sucking on a popsicle.

Voila! Try it at home and share some of your beauty tips with me at info@readysetbeauty.com


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