This winter has left my delicate skin dehydrated and flaky. It was a time for some serious beauty SOS. To help my complexion regain that dewy sheen of summer, I plunged myself headlong to test out some of the best hydrators in town.

If you, like me, are looking for a product that can replenish and moisturize your skin effectively, then read on for my verdict for this season’s best skin hydrators (minus the gimmicks).

Epicuren Enzyme Concentrate

Touted to be the “liquid glow” favoured by celebrities all around, I was a little skeptical of the product as it came as a golden liquid in a bottle instead of a cream. I was not sure if something in a liquid form could effectively moisturize my parched skin. The first time I put Epicuren’s Enzyme Concentrate on, I was hooked! The serum penetrated deeply without stinging my skin, and my skin was instantly hydrated.

I applied my makeup over the product and it glided on beautifully without the usual flaking. In fact, I received compliments all night as friends thought my skin had a beautiful sheen. By the third day, my skin definitely looked more hydrated and had a nice healthy glow to it.

Science: Epicuren’s patented enzymes were first discovered for healing skins of burnt victims. After realizing their potential for hydrating and rejuvenating skin, the enzymes were formulated into OTC skincare lines.

Rating: 9/10


Dr Perricone’s Cold Plasma

I was intrigued by the name of this product. “Cold Plasma” sounded so scientific and so full of promise I literally tore at the packaging to get at the cream inside. The first time I tried the cream, it felt soft and creamy against my skin. It penetrated relatively well but the only thing I could not stand was the smell of the product. The skin was relatively well hydrated immediately after and the makeup stayed on without flaking. However, when I work up the next morning, my skin was as dry as before I had started on the product. It was an effort maintaining on this product for 3 days as I was not a fan of the smell. By the third day, I found a small pimple on my chin, an area I don’t normally have pimples. I am not sure if it was a coincidence but I was glad I have come to the end of the 3 day trial of this product.

Science: Cold Plasma’s ionic suspension can provide an available form of all the nutrients needed by the individual cell. The cell will select and utilize only those nutrients needed.

Rating: 6/10


iS Clinical’s Moisturising Complex

This came in a no-nonsense silver tub and the name of the product was equally without frills. Called “Moisturising Complex”, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the product did exactly what it set out to do. While the cream felt a little richer than some of the other products tested, it penetrates my skin quickly and did not leave a greasy feel after. The skin hydrating properties of this little wonder is simply amazing; by the third day, my skin felt so hydrated and supple that I could cut down the product usage from twice a day to once a day and still feel my skin was suffciently moisturized. I also discovered that if I massaged a little of this cream onto my lips before my lip balm, my lips stayed supple and soft all day long.

Science: Moisturising complex also contains Centella Asiatica, a compound with healing properties and antioxidants.

Rating: 9/10


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  1. Wow, Thanks for the Tip. I am wondering if there are any organic ways to revitalize our skin, such as eating Bird’s Nest or Putting Cucumbers on our skin? It’ll really help me alot.

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