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I arrived late to the new meme “Shit Girls Say,” but my friends were abound with snippets of information of this video series that quickly went viral over the end of 2010. Many people have given their two cents worth condemning the “Shit X say” series as racist and sexist, but in truth, I found myself laughing with the actors because it rang so true. If we were to take the videos with a pinch of salt, we will appreciate the videos for the entertainment value they provide

Started by two male comedians, the premise of Shit Girls Say is so simple that it’s hilarious: It’s just a collection of the silly things girls and women say that, when compiled back-to-back, sound so outlandish it’s hard to believe anyone said them at all.

Shit Girls Say has been racking up female bons mots (and followers) on Twitter for a few months now, but the feed’s creators began posting YouTube clips last week in which they act out the verbiage — and now the videos are going viral almost instantly. Graydon Sheppard, who stars in them, created the Twitter feed and videos with his boyfriend, Kyle Humphrey.

The first video, embedded below, featured a hilarious walk-on by actress Juliette Lewis. It was posted last Monday and has already racked up well over 5 million views, thanks to its collage of phrases like, “Listen to this e-mail,” “Could you do me a huge favor?” and “I’m not even joking right now.” The second video, posted Friday and embedded above, has already gotten a half-million views.

This viral trend has spawned followers in other walks of life with Shit Yogis say, Shit skiers say and Shit snowboarders say quickly garnering hits on Youtube. We pick some of our fav Shit X say meme for your viewing pleasure. As always, take it with a pinch of salt, sit back and enjoy!

Shit Girls Say 1

Shit Girls Say 2

Shit Yogis Say

Shit skiers say

Shit snowboarders say


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