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Beauty is ever-evolving. Rarely do trends in aesthetic medicine resurface since new technologies consistently beat out their predecessors. What was popular 15 years ago is now considered almost archaic by today’s standards.

Dr Kenneth Lee Aesthetic Physician FILLERS Collagen

We use to use it like ‘spackle’ to fill in lines. But the results didn’t last, which is why it’s been taken off the market

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid fillers are my no. 1 choice for filling line s and folds, sculpting, adding volume and giving structure. They produce consistent and natural looking results, we keep finding new ways to use them, and they are currently being produced to last even longer.

Dr Tan Ying Chien Consultant Plastic Surgeon NOSE JOBS Cookie cutter noses

In the past, everyone wanted the same nose- smaller with a thin bridge and a upturned tip

Customized and Natural- looking

We now take a much more customized approach in addressing each rhinoplasty, in particular taking into account racial and ethnic differences. The emphasis is on preserving or improving support for a more natural and better functioning nose.

Dr Kenneth Lee Aesthetic Physician ERASING THE YEARS Tight is in

20 years ago, we used to think that tight facial skin was the key to looking young

Full is Better

Simultaneous replacement of 3 dimensional volume and tightening the skin yields the most natural results.

Dr Kenneth Lee Anti-Aging Physician ANTI-AGING EFFORTS Little Preventative Measures

Patients weren’t as aware about aging, much less taking a proactive approach. They waited until a problem arose to fix it

Tackle Aging Early

Today people are focused on prevention; numerous studies have found that doing rejuvenation treatments such as lasers or Thermageearlier,while there is still more collagen in the skin, yields greater results


Dr Low Chai Ling Medical Director, The Sloane Clinic SKIN REFRESHERS Deep Peels

Deep peels required prolonged periods of downtime with some possible side effects

Downtime-Free rejuvenation

Rejuvenation options are endless. IPL reverses damage with no time or pain


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