[By Lynette Tan]

First Guyliner and now… male polish.

It seems men can’t get enough of nail varnish and a growing number of companies are cashing in on the trend.

Celebs recently spotted brandishing laquered nails include Seal, Cash Warren and Johnny Depp, in a rainbow of colour from canary yellow to French blue.

Brands such as BB have created nail polish collections aimed specifically at men. The U.S. cosmetics company promotes masculine shades including ‘Bullfighter’, ‘Coal Miner’ and ‘Golf Pro. Their tagline: ‘Formulated for men, loved by women’.

While Alphanail.com – a website touting matte and metallic nail ‘armour’ created for men – has produced a polish formulated with citral and ginseng, which claims to strengthen nails.

Other niche brands include macho rocker Man Glaze polish, spa fixture Cuccio Men, and the Euro pop Uslu Airlines polishes, designed by male DJs.

“’In the past, the most popular colors for men have been black, blue, and white” according to Marco Berardini of the male grooming brand Evolution Man. “Men are becoming more aware that how their nails look can define them. A new varnish provides an expression of individuality and the same buzz as a new outfit, but for just 10 per cent of the cost.”

I have to ask:  There’s a whole world of nail polish out there in every shade imaginable. Do we really need to give it a gender? And would the gents be more likely to use these just because they have the word “man” on them?


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2 thoughts on “MALE Polish”

  1. Wow, now everything, men also use when in the olden days, men does not use perfume, but now look what happened… Nail polish. Everything is a miracle.

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