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Forget lasers with a two day downtime or liposuction surgery that keeps you out of action for a week, modern women now want to look better NOW. Here are some ways you can upgrade your look instantly sans scalpel.

#Emergency tip 1: Unleash your inner sexpot… with a wig

It’s the trendy way to beat bad hair days – and change your life. And you will be surprised at how different your face looks with a different hair shape. From Rapunzel to the Duchess of Cambridge, women down the ages have known the power of a great head of hair. In terms of sex appeal, there’s simply nothing to beat it. It is our crowning glory.

Use the wig to your advantage; go for bangs to cover a wrinkly forehead or a pixie crop to highlight your cheeks. Whatever you do, wigs are a wimple and painless way for you to look fabulous instantly.

#Emergency tip 2: Plump up your pout instantly

What is the world coming to when people spend their hard-earned cash on lip treatments? I was thinking the same thing when I headed down to get an injection of fillers on my pathetic puckers. The doctor was gentle and kind to me while she patiently listened to my lip woes. She recommended a hyaluronic acid filler called Juvederm for my lips. The procedure took less than 15 minutes and I didn’t feel a thing as she had given me some numbing injection before the procedure. When I sashayed out of the clinic, my lips looked like a million dollars and I had the biggest smile on my face. Money well spent? I would say that this lip filler procedure made a world of a difference to my appearance.

My patients find that fillers not only enhances their pout, it also helps plump out lip lines that give a woman’s age away” says Dr Tan Wang Theng from The Sloane Clinic in Singapore.

However for those of you out there who are needle phobes, fear not, opt for a lip plumper such as Too Faced’s Lip Injection, a lip plumper cum gloss guaranteed to put the put and sheen back to lackluster lips.

#Emergency tip 3: Brighten those panda eyes

If your eyes give your age away, then it’s time to either don a pair of shades or give your peepers some much deserved TLC. Opt for a gentle eye revitalizing treatment such as The Sloane Spa’s Eye Fabulosity facial (or should I say eye-cial). It starts with a gentle exfoliation of the sensitive eye area with pumpkin enzymes and ends with a deep infusion of hyaluronic acid to plump out distressing lines and tell- tale wrinkles. The treatment took 30 minutes and I noticed an immediate brightening of my undereye skin. While the therapist did warn me that this was not substitute for a good night’s rest, I was jubilant to find that my makeup glided on like silk and I looked more refreshed than I had done in weeks. Cocktail with the girls? Here I come.

#Emergency tip 4: Enchant with silky legs

Forget foot scrubs, there is now a faster way to silky legs. Leg Peels are the latest rage amongst the jet set who covet gams that shine. A customized peel of alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl acids are applied onto your tired pins to get rid of dead cells, and lighten unsightly blemishes. This is followed by a luxurious seaweed conditioning mask that replenishes your leg’s moisture levels. Total time taken? 30 minutes. You can now walk around in confidence as your legs will positively radiate the healthy sheen of youth.

#Emergency tip 5: Instant skin glow

If you want to look great in photographs, then you need to invest in this one 30 minute face fix to bring back the glow to your complexion. Microdermabrasion uses a spray of crystals to exfoliate dead cells, polishing the skin surface to an enviable sheen. The upside is that blemishes are instantly lightened and there is no downtime, which means that you can apply makeup immediately after and head for your next appointment. If you don’t want to invest in expensive lasers but still want to give your skin a pick-me-up that makes a difference, then this is one skin treat that is definitely bang for the buck. USD$150 at The Sloane Clinic.

So who says it takes a million bucks to look a million bucks? With a little know-how, even you can revamp your look and sparkle like a superstar tonight.


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4 thoughts on “Emergency Face Fixers”

  1. I have found that cold tea bags does wonders for puffy eyes, so if you have a hot date, yet look tired, you can lie back with tea bags on your eyes… and pray. LOL

  2. Thanks for the tips. i make a homemade salt scrub by mixing sea salt in jojoba oil, then i religiously exfoliate the skin of my feet and legs. works wonders for me!

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