[By Jacklyn Thomas]

It’s likely you’re familiar with the Brazilian wax. If you’re not, it’s a liberating technique whereby a woman has the entirety of the hair from her genitals removed using warmed molten wax and strips of high tensile-strength paper. Now, evidently, the boys want in on the fun.

We have it on good authority that men are having the hair removed from their “bathing suit” and other zones at an increasingly growing rate. Supposedly, removing the underbrush makes the tree seem bigger.

Because of this concern with cleanliness (read: insecurity) and desire to emulate modern male porn participants, at some salons, men are thought to be on the receiving end of upwards of 70 percent of the wax-based hair removal. It should be noted that this 70-percent figure isn’t exclusively relegated to bikini-area waxing, and may include brows, shoulders and the Hollywood-popular back, crack and sack.

Thousands of years of human history have proved one thing: Men are interested in making their penises look bigger and their testicles look slightly smaller. You know what they say “small potatoes make the steak look bigger”. They’ve used rolled-up socks, erected phallic landmarks etc but none of these techniques have been particularly effective when the boxer shorts hit the floor. So the latest craze is just the last in a series of attempts to elevate their manhood to a more prominent level by clearing the surrounding clutter.

A more permanent solution to this rite of passage would be Laser Hair Removal available at the doctor’s office. If this trend sustains, our guess is that men would want to ensure their hairless appearance down under lasts more than a month. Returning month after month for Brazilian waxing takes guts, discipline and a strong shot of vodka, so why not just go for a more permanent solution? Apparently, some men have thought of the same thing.

“We definitely see more men seeking laser hair removal. Popular areas include their backs and groin” says Dr Kenneth Lee of The Sloane Clinic.

Apparently, it takes about six sessions for total hair annihilation but the good news is that the results are forever.


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6 thoughts on “Should men get rid of all of their pubic hair?”

  1. Its definitely a growing trend! my bf is considering having his back waxed, though he hasn’t quite mastered the guts to go totally hairless down under. i would think it is sexy though.

  2. I have tried laser hair removal on my back and i must say that the right lase hurts much less than waxing. but each to their own poison right?

  3. I am married and been getting a Brazilian waxes for several years, on a regular basis. At first, my wife was not so sure, now she reminds me it time to book an appointment. She loves it.

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