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Ever wondered how models keep their complexions so silky soft and porcelain smooth? Effortless as it may seem, it appears that all models have a host beauty tricks up their sleeves to give them the added beauty edge. Here, we uncover some of their beauty essentials…

Gigi, 19

“I love eye cream. Right now I’m using the Eye Elixir by Elemental Herbology, a London-based brand. It contains lots of plant extracts and smells nice and fresh. I try to use more natural products on my face. I like bio oil—when you put on my body before you go to bed, you wake up with baby skin! It’s great when you travel and end up with dry skin on your feet.”

Jaime, 22

“I love Sisley’s products, ever since I started using them, I have used nothing else. I use their cleansing milk and moisturizer. Their masks are really, really good as well, my favourite is Radiant Glow mask. After I use it, I feel like my skin really does give off a nice glow. It’s great for in the morning when I don’t want to look tired—I just slap it on, and I’m good. I use it about twice a week.”

Apple, 24

“It took me awhile to figure out a regimen that I really liked, but a few months ago I went bought some Mario Badescu online. I was breaking out, and freaking out at the same time. The products really settled my skin! Now I only use Mario Badescu products—I love the acne cleanser, cucumber toner, and oil-free SPF 17 moisturizer. There’s also this great spot cream.”

Ling, 18

“I try different stuff all the time—I’m always researching! But one thing I always use is sunscreen. It’s important to protect your skin and keep it moisturized. For now, I’m using Sloane Inc BB cream —I enjoy the sun but I try to be careful. It’s really hard because I like to have golden skin but if I want some color, I’ll just use bronzer. I’m also thinking about getting a spray tan—I’ve never gotten one before but I’m thinking I should do it!”

Candice, 21

“I use iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex to take off makeup after shows and shoots. You just put it on your face and wash it away—easy! I don’t use any toner after as my skin never feels tight after cleansing with this product. Afterward, I’ll use Kiehl’s moisturizer. If any problems crop up, I apply a white corrector pencil where I need it, usually around my nose and under my eyes.”

Natalie, 25

“I wear so much makeup for work, I just try to keep my face as clean as possible. Every morning I wash my face with Shiseido Purifying Cleansing Foam and very cold water to wake up, and then I apply a good moisturizer. I like Epicuren’s Instant Lift because it’s light and it keeps my face soft and supple. I believe in starting some anti-aging while I am still young. I believe how we treat our skin now will show up in years to come.”

Veronica, 23

“Before important shoots, I use Sloane Inc Oxygen Boost to revive and re-energize my complexion. I use it for three consecutive days before the shoot. And then, of course, I drink a lot of water throughout the day. I like soda but if I don’t drink enough water, my skin looks drier and grayer—it definitely glows more when I’m hydrated.”


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4 thoughts on “Model Skin Secrets”

  1. Sounds like some great tips but i can’t get some of these brands locally. Any tips on subtitute brands that may also work?

  2. Every day I vow to get more sleep, yet that never seems to happen. Unfortunately, my eyes share that info with everyone I see! The Eye Elixir is my miracle worker! It reduces puffiness and dark circles from lack of sleep and also softens the fine lines that appear when I forget to drink enough water. My eyes look brighter and I appear well-rested. I love it! After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul!

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