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I was delighted to try this product. I must admit that the name intrigued me as I have never heard of anything that could infuse my dermis with oxygen before. Sloane Inc Oxygen Booster is actually a treatment mask that “energises” your skin according to the product label.

I must admit I have always been a sceptic about DIY facial treatment products. After all, what can a tub of mask do for your face? After years of shinning pore strips and mud packs, I have however succumbed to the temptation of a facial treatment mask like this one. I am not getting any younger and can use all the help I can get.  I didn’t expect miracles but was intrigued to find out what this product was all about.

As I never leave home without my makeup on (heaven forbid), I started my little home pampering session by removing all traces of my makeup and cleansing my skin with my own cleanser. Right now, I am using Cetaphil as my skin has been a little sensitive lately. It was also for this very reason my skin looks a little blotchy and dull in recent weeks. While I am not a smoker (being an ex-smoker doesn’t count in my books), I am guilty of late nights and perhaps one too many cocktails on occasion. I don’t have any major skin problems but lately, my friends have been asking me if I was ill or had not slept the night before. That irritated me terribly, so I am hoping that giving my skin some TLC would unravel some of the damage I have been inflicting on it.

I loved the pump action of the Sloane Inc bottle as it was easy to use and keeps the remaining product in the tub fresh and free from contamination. I spread a thin layer of the Oxygen Boost on my skin. The product was a translucent gel and felt cool on my skin. I actually quite liked the tangy resfreshing scent of the product. At first, I felt nothing and was a little disappointed. But then, I began to feel a little bubbling on my skin, akin to the fizzy bubbles of a soda. I looked into the mirror and was amazed that the product had began to foam up beautifully on my skin.

Perhaps it was my imagination or my over-enthusiasm, but I could actually feel the oxygen on my skin. It was a wondrous albeit ticklish sensation. I dutifully left the white foamy mask on my skin for 10 minutes before rinsing off with tepid water as instructed.

I must admit I was pretty impressed. My skin definitely felt smoother and brighter. While I was not expecting miracles and I knew that a skincare product isn’t going to give me plastic surgery-like results, I was actually pleasantly surprised with the complexion enhancing effects of this product! My skin actually felt softer immediately after. When I wore my makeup that evening, my makeup glided on beautifully and stayed on for even better than before. My boyfriend commented that I looked fresher and that compliment was enough to convince me to use this product again, and again.

Overall, I think this is a useful beauty arsenal to have when your skin feels like it needs a little pick-me-up. I will definitely use this on a weekly basis to give my complexion some much needed nourishment it needs.

Of course, a secret such as this has to be shared, so I got my band of sisters to try this product on their hands, and you can see how the translucent gel foams up on contact with the skin in the photograph below. Even on their hands, they could feel the difference between the treated and untreated areas, much to their delight.

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