First of all, Man Utd fans, please don’t lynch me. In no way am I gloating over your recent loss at the EPL. In fact, I will be first to admit a fire engine red manicure would be much easier to pull off …

While watching the thrilling Man City- QPR final two nights ago (QPR lost one man, and Man City came back from behind to score the winning goal in extra time) with my crazed boyfriend, I was struck by how dreamy the baby blue of Man City looks. In the misty pub, grown men were yelling and crying through the heart stopping action while others were hurling abuse at Singtel for their patchy coverage. I, on the other hand, was formulating my next beauty blog based on the baby blue tint of the champions’ jerseys. I did pepper my reverie with shouts of “referee kayu” as my boyfriend looked on with pride. Nothing spells “love” more than a girlfriend who engages in verbal abuse of the opposing team.

I think baby blue is a tricky colour to pull of well. You certainly don’t want to look like a Hello Kitty’s twin sister with an overtly cutesy image. If you have fair skin, baby blue sits very nicely. It is also a fresh change from our usual reddish and brownish hues. Think of it as a breath of fresh air, much like Man City winning the league after 44 years. Sometimes a change is what we all need.

If you want to stand out this summer, yet embrace the youthful hue of the underdogs who have finally beaten the odds, then this manicure is definitely for you.


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