I recently bought Maybelline’s Jelly Glow. Okay, I admit, I was actually intrigued with its name and its ultra cute packaging. Cosmetic companies should tune in; this is actually how we girls make our purchasing decisions. It ain’t rocket science. Lol. Available in two shades (pink and orange), I was pleasantly surprised to find that it lives up to its namesake.

When I opened the blush, I was tickled to find that the blush was spongy and had a jello-like feel. Now, how cool is that? Over the years, I have tried powder stick, cream blush but this is the first time I have tried a jello one! It didn’t come with instructions and I wasn’t sure if I should use my fingertips or a makeup brush. In the end, I opted for a brush.

I tried the pink on my cheek and the colour was soft and natural. Surprisingly, it worked really well with a brush. It seems to work for me because I am relatively pale so the colour stands out like flushed cheeks without looking overdone. However, I can see this being a tad light for darker skinned individuals.

I wore this at work and found that it does have quite a good staying power in air conditioned rooms, without making your skin shine like some cream blushers in our tropical climate. As with most powder blushes, this isn’t waterproof so a light drizzle was all it took to wash off most of my colour as I ran for the bus last evening.

My take is that this is a nice option to a powder blush, and if your preference is to look natural, then the jelly like texture does prevent your brush from taking up too much blusher in one go, so you have an even sprinkling of colour on your cheeks. I do wish they came in a greater variety of colours and a small sponge applicator if included will be a godsend for working gals like me.

Space is a big issue for me, so makeup that comes in compact, self-sufficient packaging gets my thumbs up anytime. I am not sure if it will work well with finger application but I have tried using it with a small makeup sponge and it seems to work nicely, though you have to be sure to blend a little more religiously to get a nice even flush.


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2 thoughts on “Blush Flush”

  1. hihi, i tried using this with fingers and it spreads really well! u should try it too! and i believe it comes in 4 shades not 2, so you may want to check out beauty departments to snag the other 2 shades. cheerios.

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