Recently, a Ferrari driven by a wealthy Chinese businessman plowed into a taxi killing three, including the driver himself. Apparently, the Ferrari ran a red light. The taxi driver who was the sole breadwinner of teenage children died after a short stay in the intensive care of the hospital.

I don’t mean to bitch but if someone wants to drive a Ferrari, they should learn how to control the car’s speed and power. And finally, they should obey the universal traffic code that a red light means stop! A Ferrari in the wrong hands can mean serious trouble! As spiderman once said “with great power comes great responsibility”. Should we allow irresponsible people to drive such souped up cars?

This is a deviation of my usual glam topics, but I needed to vent after seeing footage online of the poor family of the taxi driver who were grieving at his wake. It got me thinking that life is so short, and sometimes you can do everything right, but all it takes is a moment of recklessness by someone else to end it all. How transient is life…


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