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I am so engrossed in the recent drama! No, I am not talking about the latest Korean TV serials but the back-stabbing, mud-slinging and name-calling in local politics as the Hougang by-election nears.

I am also particular disturbed by a side piece of news that caught my attention. Two aesthetic docs in Singapore had been fined 10K by Singapore Medical council for performing mesotherapy and carboxytherapy in Singapore in 2007.

I am particularly disturbed because it seems that everyone appeared to suddenly acquired a case of selective amnesia. They seem to have forgotten just how popular and prevalent these procedures were in 2007! The patients, journalists, reporters, newspapers and magazines were all actively discussing and going for these treatments! From what I remember, almost all the aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists were offering these treatments. If my memory serves me right, plastic surgeons such as Dr Woffles wu, Dr leslie Kwek, Dr PatriciaYuen, Dr joyce lim, Dr Eileen Tan, Dr David Loh to name a few, all offered similar treatments such as carboxytherapy or mesotherapy.  While they have since deleted these services from their website, you can still find mention of them offering services in the past:

Yet now, as the Singapore medical body and the public hang these two aesthetic doctors for apparently performing treatments that are not generally accepted, not one person comes out to support them. It is wrong to say these treatments were unapproved at that time. In 2007, these treatments were very common and offered by many doctors. It was only at the end of 2008 that aesthetic guidelines came out to ban them in Singapore.

In my mind, if guidelines came out only at the end of 2008, then in 2007, these treatments were APPROVED to me! If they were already unapproved, then there is no need for guidelines to ban them, would there? Since it would be clear it was unapproved?

I am not a lawyer but I find that this case is a simple case of two doctors being made scapegoats by our ministry, and their fellow colleagues turning a blind eye or worse, reveling in their misfortune. This is a worrying trend because if we cannot even have simple justice in Singapore, then we are no better than any lawless state where people can be picked off the streets and be selectively prosecuted!

On the social side, I find it disgusting that hundreds of doctors who did the same treatments chose to remain silent and did not speak up for their colleagues. It shows the poor state of affairs in Singapore where everyone just minds their own business and will not stand up to injustice. Basically everyone cares about number one. But as Martin Luther King opined “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

I am not a doctor but I am not afraid to admit I have undergone these treatments. I think they worked for me and I know for a fact these treatments are still available not just locally but overseas as well. I visited at least three different clinics for them over the course of two years. I know at least five other friends who had undergone the same. None of the doctors who did the treatments for us were charged. So why is the world suddenly claiming amnesia when it comes to the charging of these two aesthetic docs? As a society, we should come out and ask pertinent questions and stand up for the underdogs who are wronged and victimized.

So this is the state of affairs as we enter the Hougang by-elections. And it makes me what sort of government we want to vote for to protect the citizens now and in the future. One that will uphold justice and fairness or one that allows selective prosecution and victimization.

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4 thoughts on “Politics, Aesthetics & Drama mama”

  1. why does MOH spend so much time on this rubbish when there are so many important issues facing the people these days? what exactly is their agenda? have they lost their focus?

  2. MOH is sendin a clear message alrite— that they can do whatever they want, selectively prosecute anyone and get away with it. Its time for the institutions to be accountable for their actions and stop acting like bullies!

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