It is true… I have aged.

I chanced upon an old photo of myself and marveled at how lifted my skin looks and how small my pores appeared.

No matter how kind time has been to you, you cannot avoid the inevitable, and that’s the fact that everyone will grow old. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best to slow down the ageing clock a bit and give ourselves an edge over our peers.

I know there are many treatments, creams and pills out there but I have not really decided which is my potion or poison. I am really tempted to go a little further than the usual scrub and mask but I am also a little hesitant. What is I get addicted? Will one get addicted to looking good?

Looking at the menu of beauty services online recently, I must say I am very tempted by Botox. It seems easy and simple enough, and I believe that wiping off the lines at the side of my eyes could make me look 1-2 years younger. Is that too much to ask?

As I ponder my beauty dilemma, I am religiously rubbing my eye cream into my skin. Maybe, just maybe….


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