You know I have been feeling a little “ugly” lately and was scouring the internet for some quick fixes that is easy on the wallet and low on pain and downtime. I came across this interesting gadget guaranteed to shave years off your looks in 2 minutes for under USD$25!!!!

Yup, you heard me right the first time. It’s being billed as a ‘facelift in a bottle’ but the latest way to zap sagging or drooping skin looks more like a bungee rope than a wrinkle cream.

American Kimberly Aschauer developed the product ‘Facelift Bungee’ after being put off by the $5,000 price tag of a real mini-facelift. The entrepreneur wanted to look good for her son’s wedding so invented a more affordable way to get rid of her wrinkles, using a piece of elastic fastened between two small combs, according to

The Facelift Bungee is available in black and clear. Simply braid a small section of hair above both ears, and clip this super taut elastic band onto either braid, securing each of the combs as close to the temple as you can. From there, just comb your hair over the elastic so that it remains invisible throughout the day.

Fans rave about the product. At $25 a pop, it is certainly more affordable than facelift surgery. People who have tried it say they can definitely tell the difference when they were using it.

Skeptics however were unconvinced. They say that theoretically anything that’s strong enough to lift your entire face is strong enough to cause traction alopecia (pull your hair out), especially if you’re wearing it for hours on end. I think it’s fair to assume that all that tension will catch up with you in the long run…

The jury is still out on this one. One thing is clear, this quick fix is certainly not a long term solution for anyone seeking to shave years off their appearance. And it may not work for all types of sagging faces. Have you tried this? Let me hear your views.


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