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Feminists may disagree but there are some inherent differences between men and women when it comes to their skin structure. This explains why men and women need different types of skincare to address their dermatological concerns. Gone are the days of unisex skincare products. As researchers uncover key differences in the skin of both sexes, cosmetic companies are quick to cash in on these differences coming up with skincare lines that are unique for each sex and raising the bar when it comes to age-proofing skin.

Here are the key differences between the guys and gals when it comes to their skin.

Men have less oil glands!

The skin of a man has smaller sebaceous or oil glands. This is opposite to what most people believe to be true. Why is this important? Since absorption of active ingredients in skin care products is primarily through these glands, men will need skincare that are specially formulated to be deep and quick penetrating if they want to achieve similar efficacy on a women’s skin.

Solution: men should use serums and gels that are quick to penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy finish on skin’s surface. We recommend Sloane Inc Miracle Lift, a non-greasy skin lifting formula for all skin types.

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But men have oilier skin

Despite the fact that a man’s skin has smaller oil glands, male skin is generally oilier than female skin. This is due to the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the skin generating a higher amount of oil secretions. The female hormone estrogen results in women’s skin secreting less oil. After the age of 50, the oil secretions in men’s skin tend to slow down making men’s skin closer to women’s skin in the degree of oiliness.

What this means for men is that higher oil production in the skin makes them more susceptible to acne related problems and other blemishes.

Solution: men should always use a foaming cleanser daily, nd invest in a facial scrub every fortnightly to exfoliate dead cells and keep skin in the clear. We recommend Clincique face scrub for men, a no-nonsense exfoliator guaranteed to keep your skin clean and clear.

Men has thick skin

Yes, it’s true. Men do have thicker skin than women. Unfortunately, this means that women are more vulnerable to damage of the skin caused by the sun’s UVA rays and is one of the principle reasons why female skin suffers more from sun aging.

Solution: while both men and women should invest in a broad spectrum sunscreen, women should be religious about applying sunscreen daily and protecting their skin from the sun to prevent premature ageing. We recommend Ole Henriksen Protect the Truth SPF 50 for both men and women.

Men has fragile skin

This may come as a surprise but the skin on a man’s face is more delicate than for a woman. You wouldn’t think that this is the case. However, there are some reasons why this may be the case

  • men historically have taken less care of their skin
  • men’s skin tends to be exposed more often to damaging environmental elements as a result of their lifestyle
  • daily shaving destroys the hydrolipidic film, leading to loss of natural lubrication and protection
  • daily shaving also causes scraping and nicks

All of these factors result in men’s skin becoming more sensitized than women’s skin and more easily irritated.

Solution: men should be careful when using harsh skincare with fruit acids as this may cause irritation in an already sensitive skin. Invest in hypoallergenic products to give your bang for your buck, guys. We recommend Sloane Inc Perfecting Dew, a hypoallergenic hydrator that calms and soothes skin with squalene and green tea extracts.

Women age faster than men!

This is the lowdown on skin ageing. Men and women age differently. A man’s skin gradually becomes thinner with age (about 1% per year) while a woman’s skin is more likely to experience colour and textural changes due to sun damage and other hormonal influences even though prior to menopause, their skin thickness remains fairly constant.

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However, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases to a greater extent in women than in men as individuals get older. This is also a main reason why women, who have similar historical sun exposure to men, appear older than men of the same age!

Solution: Ladies, it is time to seriously start age proofing yourself before the signs of ageing catch up with you. Studies have shown you begin to lose collagen in your sin in your twenties. Opt for anti-ageing formulas in your skincare, and don’t shun youth-enhancing options such as natural hyaluronic acid fillers to give your face a much needed boost. We recommend Epicuren ORAC, an serious anti-ageing skin enhancer power packed with essential age-defying antioxidants. Available at Epicuren approved retailers worldwide. www.epicuren.com.

Men have less nerve Fibers

Finally, there has been some research indicating that a man’s skin has less nerve fibers (about 50% less) that women’s skin. This can potentially explain why it is suspected that females have a greater sensitivity to skin pain. If a bloke yelps in pain during his Botox injection, its time to tell him to suck it up.

Solution: Numbing cream is a must for ladies before any aesthetic procedure. In addition, ice packs do take the sting out of any treatments. The one consolation that ladies have is that most ladies have a higher pain threshold to start with, thereby negating whatever headstart men may have.


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