Why is it that some girls have porcelain smooth skin while others are plagued with enlarged pores? Are there any skin tricks that can help us attain an enviable complexion? We uncover the truth about this tricky condition and give you the lowdown on how we can get rid of this im-‘pore’-ssible problem once and for all.

Open Pores — any closure?

It is a myth that we can close open pores. While there are certainly some treatments that we can do to minimize the size, the truth is that we cannot close the pores completely.

Pores appear to be enlarged for many reasons. Individuals with oily, thicker.

(glabrous) skin tend to have larger looking, more noticeable pores. If surface oil and skin cells are allowed to collect around the pores, the pores will have the appearance of being enlarged Although the majority of people who have large pores get them through genetics, there are plenty of individuals who get large pores, because they have acne or have gotten older. It is not possible to change the size of a pore.

However, it is possible to minimize their appearance with treatments that unclog pores and exfoliate the dead surface skin cells, so keeping your skin clean is step one to smaller looking pores.

Skincare to shrink pores?

Products that contain salicylic acid to some extent can help to exfoliate dead skin cells which in turn helps to keep pores clean and healthy. They work on the basis that pores that are clean and unclogged will appear less visible. Look for ingredients such as retinol and salicylic acid which are effective skin exfoliating agents.

However, a word of warning: Many people make the mistake of using overly harsh products such as toners, astringents that contain alcohol. Using these products may have a very temporary ‘tightening’ effect on the pores but will not lead to any long-term pore shrinkage. In fact, harsh astringents may actually encourage oil glands to over-produce oil to compensate for the surface dryness, leading to an increase in the size of pores.

Treatments to fix pores?

Microdermabrasion helps to gently exfoliate away the dead surface skin cells, keeping pores clean and healthy.  Customised chemical peels can offer your pores a deeper level of exfoliation. As the clogged pores and dead skin are pulled away, healthier skin is encouraged to grow back in its place. You can generally expect younger, softer skin with noticeably smaller pores.

Lasers are effective for treating enlarged pores as they can promote collagen growth and increase elasticity of the skin — this will lead to the appearance of smaller pores. Lasers that have been found to be effective in battling this condition include Laser Peels which uses a specialized carbon mask to activate the pores before laser.

For stubborn pores, opt for Fraxel Restore laser which can renew dull, damaged skin as well as improve appearance of pigment and pore size. You should consult a doctor if you intend to seek medical treatment for your skin.


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  1. I have tried a salicylic exfoliator and it does decrease my pores to an extent. its worth a try if you don’t have sensitive skin.

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