15 Minutes with Dr Tan Wang Theng from The Sloane Clinic

We catch up with Dr Tan Wang Theng from The Sloane Clinic as we unload our readers’ woes for her expert advice. From post-pregnancy weight gain to unsightly leg veins, Dr Tan has got the answers.

Q. After I lost my weight recently, I realised I have a bit of loose skin hanging around my stomach. How can I tighten and lift the loose skin after fat loss?

Thermage for Body uses intensive patented radiofrequency technology to firm flabby parts in submission sans surgery, while rekindling dermal collagen replenishment and boosting skin’s microcirculation to iron out cellulite, shrink stretch marks and tighten crinkly loose skin… all in one single treatment! The best part? There are no needles and no recovery time involved. Get ready to join the ranks of mysteriously skinny celebs.

Downtime: None

Pain: 7/10

Cost: $3000-6000 (depending on area)

Q. I have severe spider veins problem on my thigh and leg, if I get it genetically (my mother has same problem too) can it be cured?

Spider veins are the bane of many otherwise perfect legs. They may be triggered by pregnancy and prolonged sitting or standing (particularly in high heels) in genetically-predisposed individuals. Besides paying attention to footwear, try our luxurious Solidea Wonder Stockings for medical-grade graduated compression to improve leg blood circulation and prevent recurrence after treatment. The GentleYAG vascular laser and sclerotherapy are two tried-and-tested options to remove unsightly thread veins.

Downtime: 1 week

Pain: 3/10

Cost: $500-1500 (depending on area)

Q. I have squarish jaws, what are the options that can make my face slimmer?

Good news! Now you can pare pounds off your face in minutes with simple Botox microinjections to reduce overly enlarged masseter (chewing) muscles. This can be combined with Ultherapy to lift saggy jowls and heavy

jawlines, and sculpt the perfect V-shaped visage without the blade.

Downtime: None

Pain: 2/10

Cost: $900-1200


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