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There are many things guys can overlook when it comes to a woman’s appearance, but superficial as it may seem, there are some clear boundaries that should not be crossed. We speak to some dudes on what makes or breaks a relationship when it comes to their gals’ ‘beauty’ traits.


“I was dating this really hot girl”, explains Dave, a 25 year-old bartender, “But the moment we hit the dance floor and she raised her arms, I was horrified by her bushy pits. What can I say? I am a hot-blooded male, and armpits hairier than mine are an absolute no-no!”

Armpit hair is an absolute turn-off for most partners unless you are dating a gorilla, so for those of you who are still nurturing a mini-forest in your underarms, it is time to take drastic action and plan a total “deforestation”.

Action Plan: Instead of opting for monthly waxes, opt for permanent hair removal using lasers. Laser hair removal can help to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth after a series of 6-8 sessions.

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“This may sound superficial but I once thought a colleague of mine was hot until I spied her hairy legs, that was enough to put me off asking her out on a date. I am not sure if it was just a bad “hair” day for her but any woman who couldn’t be  bothered to shave her legs for work is a little unappealing in my books” says Michael, a 33 year old auditor.

The last time leg hair was in, dinosaurs roamed the earth. So unless you plan on wearing pants on all your dates, it is time to get rid of leg hair and show off some leg.

Action Plan: Opt for laser hair removal to get rid of leg hair pronto. However, to ensure leg skin looks smooth and luscious, invest in a good body scrub to exfoliate dead cells. We love Bliss lemon + sage body scrub (USD$36).


“I have always found the bare skin of a woman’s back to be her greatest asset, so I was put off when my date exposed a back of angry pimples when we were at a beach party. I wont say it was the factor that broke the deal, but it definitely played a part,” confesses Martin, a 29 year old visual artist.

Pimples on the back are commonly overlooked as they are not easily visible to the afflicted, unfortunately, they are very visible to all around you.

Action plan: Don’t despair. Opt for chemical peels designed for the backs to kill bacteria, control sebum and clarify skin. If that is not enough, go for I-Clear photobiomodulation light to give your back skin a dose of “clarifying” light.

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“When a gorgeous babe walks past me in her bikini, the first thing I check out are her legs. Unfortunately, some just don’t make the cut as dimply “orange peel” thighs are an absolute eye sore,” attests Jason, a 30 year old banker.

Cellulite is the bane of most women’s existence, but unfortunately, cellulite eventually plagues even the best of us, as age and an inactive lifestyle catches up with us.

Action plan: There is no cure for cellulite but there are FDA approved treatments that can improve the appearance of this unsightly condition. Thermage Body can smoothen out dimply cellulitic skin after a single session.


“Nothing is more off-putting than sweat patches on a lady’s shirt or a pair of sweaty palms shaking your hands. A little bit of perspiration is normal, but excessive sweating is just not my cup of tea” admits Dilton, a 45 year old graphic artist.

Unless you plan on moving to the North pole where the freezing temperatures will make icicles out of your sweat patches, you are better off targeting the problem at the root.

Action plan: If anti-perspirants are no longer an effective solution, opt for Botox miroinjections to stop excessive sweating! Yes, you heard me right the first time. Botox can be used to stop excessive sweating in targeted areas such as underarms and palms. Results last for 6-8 months after a single session so you don’t have to fret over frequent application of your anti-perspirant every couple of hours.

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