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Many of us would think twice about eating a Big Mac but few of us would bat an eyelid to pairing our meals with a can of fizzy beverage. But sipping these liquid candy, some of which masquerade as healthier options could be doing our bodies more harm than good.

How many of us actually take the time to look at the labels? Here is the lowdown on some of the best loved beverages and what they are actually doing to our diet (and wasitlines)!


Classic coke contains a whooping 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar, mainly fructose. While diet coke does not contain calories, the acids in the drink can still lead to tooth decay! The problem with coke is that it is used as a mixer in many drinks, from Jack Daniels to Rum, wrecking further havoc when we go out for drinks with our mates.


Many health conscious individuals reach for the latest drink— Vitamin Water, cleverly marketed as the healthier alternative to traditional beverages. While Vitamin Water gives the illusion of a healthy, hydrating, and rejuvenating miracle elixir, this product is merely sugared water packaged in an attractive bottle.

Here are the Nutrition facts: 
Calories 50, 
Total Fat 0g, 
Sodium 0mg, 
Total Carbohydrate 13g, 
Total Sugar 13g
,Protein 0g
, Vitamin C 60%; vitamin B3 10%; vitamin B6 10%; vitamin B12 10%; vitamin B5 10%, Zinc 10%

vapor distilled/deionized water, crystalline fructose, citric acid, vegetable juice (color), natural flavor, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural flavor, vitamin E acetate, magnesium lactate (elecrolyte), calcium lactate (electrolyte), zinc picolinate, monopotassium phosphate (electrolyte), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), cyanocobalamine (B12)

It may surprise you but this product contains NO natural fruit juice. One bottle of Vitamin Water is actually meant for 2.5 servings, therefore, the nutritional information you see at the back should be adjusted accordingly (unless you’re really only going to drink less than half of the bottle at at time). That means that one bottle of Vitamin Water contains a total of 125 calories and 33 grams of sugar. That’s more calories and sugar than a 12 ounce serving of Coke (12 oz of coke equates 110 calories and 30 grams of sugar). And don’t be enticed by “crystalline fructose,” the second ingredient on the Vitamin Water ingredient list. It’s their own fancy name for their form of sugar, and it’s the most prominent ingredient after water!

While one of the key selling points of Vitamin Water is that they have added vitamins, you are much better off gaining these nutrients from your diet (or a multi-vitamin if necessary). Of course adding vitamins to a drink doesn’t do any actual harm, but it confuses consumers into thinking that the beverage is a healthy choice.

Vitamin Water is not pure poison but it’s certainly not a health food, despite its clever marketing.

Here is some nutritional information of other beverages based on 100ml serving sizes.

Per 100ml Calories (kcal) Fat Protein Sugars (g)
Sprite 44 0 0 12
Vitamin Water (Acai) 50 0 0 13.75
Coke 43 0 0 10.7
Fanta orange 34 0 0 7.6
100 Plus 27 0 0 7

Not surprisingly, whichever you choose, they will set you back an average of 50 kcal, not particularly great news if you are watching your waistline. Despite the claims of added vitamins in some, Still, all those exercise fiends might want to get their vitamins the old-fashioned way: a pill and a glass of water. After all, it’s sugar-free.


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9 thoughts on “Are We Drinking Our Way to Obesity?”

  1. the best way to get your vitamins is from your diet, gals. any vitamins from a bottle is likely to be synthetic.

  2. ok, this sounds silly but it looks like santa orange could be the lesser of the evils, of u really want to indulge. but i always thought it tasted sweeter than coke, didn’t know it has less sugar!

  3. What do you people think of rehydrating with energy drinks like 100plus? looking at the chart, it doesn’t seem that calorific… but would water be a better option if you want to lose weight?

  4. try a few slices of lemon in water— it tastes great and the natural fit c makes its a delicious drink. without the calories and the cost!

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