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I am what you would call a social smoker, that is I smoke when my friends puff away at social gatherings, but I rarely smoke alone or at home. I know it’s a disgusting habit but I’d always reckoned it never did much harm since I don’t inhale. Right? Wrong!

Over the last few months, I noticed my lips have started looking more lined and dry. On top of that, there was a darkish discolouration on the outer corner of my lips, making it look older than my 26 years. In fact, it got so bad that my light pink lip glosses no longer disguised the dullness and unevenness of my lips. I tried what most people told me to do such as drink more water but the water just made me pee more, but it did absolutely nothing to hydrate my lips. Another old wives’ tale down the drain.

Over the weekend, I decided to take some drastic action and went for lip treatment at a renowned aesthetic clinic recommended by Lucy, my hairdresser of seven years.  (You guys know Lucy right, the one tht gave me the fab bob?) After consultation, I opted for a Revitalift Lips treatment and a Lip fabulosity ‘facial’. I knew I didn’t want big lips, and was assured by the doctor that Revitalift lips, unlike lip fillers will not enhance the size of the lips but just soften, smoothen and hydrate the lips from within. Sounded just like my cup of tea!

I had tiny injections on my lips. I counted four, it could have been more. They were close to painless, except for the first poke which took me by surprise. I guess I wasn’t mentally prepared when the good doctor started. But after a couple of deep breaths, the rest were really comfortable, and before I knew it, it was done! Voila! The entire procedure took less than 10 minutes. Most normal people would have stopped there but as you know, I am neither normal nor sane, so I proceeded to have a Lip Fabulosity facial at the clinic.

I was led to a comfortable room where the aesthetic nurse prepped, exfoliated, peeled and massaged a variety of delicious smelling potions onto my uninspired lips. I was particularly tickled by the lip mask, a pink gel sheet in the size and shape of a pair of lips! I never knew masks came in forms made specially for the lips. Lip Fabulosity is a facial for the lips, and for a spa virgin like me, a totally comfortable experience, so much so I nearly fell asleep. Unfortunately,  there wasn’t enough time for me to snooze because 30 minutes later, I was up and ushered to the makeup area. (I guess the clinic was busy and didn’t want me taking up space and you can really do so much with a pair of lips).

When I looked into the mirror , I must admit I was amazed! I expected some results, but the difference was impressive, even by my standards. You can see my lips in the photo below. The first photo was how my lips looked before treatment (terrible, aren’t they?), the second was how it looked immediately after Revtalift Lips and Lip Fabulosity ‘facial’ (amazing there wasn’t any redness or swelling that I can see). I was recommended to use a Sloane Inc. Lip Stain and Lip Plumper from the clinic, I chose Lip stain in Cherry and Lip Plumper in Natural. The third photo was how my lips looked after application of the lip stain and lip plumper! Am I ready to party that night? You bet.

I am totally psyched about my new lips, I know the effects will wear off if I go back to my old ways, so I am determined to steer clear of lip-wrecking habits for now. But if I fall astray again, I know that there is always Revitalift and Lip Fabulosity to perk my puckers up again.

More information on Revitalift LipsClick here

More information on Lip Fabulosity – Click here

Before treatment

After treatment


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12 thoughts on “I Party-Prepped my Puckers!”

  1. the effect is simply stunning. very nice for the asian face, i have always stayed clear of lip treatments for fear that i would look like memo with a swollen lip, but this is a perfect result! thanks for sharing.

  2. i have needle phobia but u are sooooo brave!!!! i think i will settle for the lip plumper…. any ideas where i can snag a tube?

  3. i think that its a fine line between nice lips and thick lips. as long as the lis are hydrated and unlined, they are pretty and kissable. what do you think?

  4. please. dermatologists are for skin rashes and stuff. go look for a plastic surgeon or an aesthetic doctor who does all these procedures.

    some dermatologists have only 1 or 2 lasers and don’t even do botox frequently.

  5. hi gals, i see my GP if my eczema flares up. But for lasers and botox, I see any aesthetic doctor. I am thinking of eyelid surgery, for that i am considering a plastic surgeon in Bangkok or Korea.

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