[By Nadine Loh]

1. Summer Sheer

As you shift from cashmere to cotton, do the same for your makeup.  Lighten up your look by using transparent textures and subtle summery shades. Bold makeup colors like wine and burgundy that rock in the winter tend to look heavy in the summer, so opt for a sheer lollipop wash of color with fruit-hued lip gloss, and cream, not powder, blush and eye shadow. Try Sloane Inc Lip Stain (also doubles as cheek tint) in delicious shades of berry, cherry and garnet!

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2. Just Peachy

Tangerine. Melon. Peach. Orange. This summer’s makeup hues are nothing less than fruity. The trick to wearing a bright hue is to choose sheer colors. Pick a bright lip gloss in your favorite citrus shade. A bronze or apricot blush in a cream formula gives the apples of your cheeks a dewy glow. Play up your eyes with a peachy shadow that has a slight shimmer.

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3. Pay Lip Service

Don’t neglect your lips while you are out in the sun. Slick on an SPF 30 (or higher) lip balm that moisturizes while fending of unwanted UV rays. Balms that contain glycerin are especially moisturizing, and tinted versions offer a hint of color. If your lips are chapped, seal in sun protection and speed healing by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly on top of the balm.

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4. No Blow Job

You can finally save yourself the expense of a costly salon blow-out this summer. Style your hair while you sleep. Work a styling cream through damp hair. Twist hair into loose pin curls and secure with bobby pins, about a dozen sections in all. When you wake up, you’ll have beachy waves with tons of volume. Or, make an accessory do all the work, and tuck your hair into one of this season’s chic head wraps!

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5. Hair’s Frenemies

While summer hair can look all so natural and lovely, don’t forget to keep it protected from the sun and the sea as well. Harmful UV rays can burn your scalp, not to mention scorch and fade colored or highlighted strands. Your best defense is a hat. Second best: a product like a hair spray or leave-in conditioner made specifically to protect hair color against sun damage. Before a swim, always coat your hair with tap water or conditioner to keep your locks from soaking up damaging chlorine or saltwater.

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6. Slim Shady

Did you know that the sun’s rays can damage your eyes, raising your risk of cataracts and other ocular conditions? Always make sure that your sunglasses have a label that says the lenses block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays. Wraparound or oversize frames block light that hits eyes from the sides. If you are spending a lot of time in the water, opt for goggles with UV protection.


7. Lighten Up

Prevent a makeup meltdown in the summer heat by using lighter options. Try a tinted moisturizer or lightweight BB cream with inbuilt SPF. Trade your lipstick for a tinted lip balm. Switch to waterproof mascara, water-resistant cream eye shadow, and gel eyeliner. Shiny at midday? Invest in blotting sheet over which will ‘mattify’ your skin in no time.

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8. Let Your Skin Breathe

Winter skincare is different from summer skincare. Even if you have dry skin, you don’t need thick, rich cleansers and moisturizers in steamy summer weather. If you want your skin to stay clear and fresh throughout summer, opt for lighter products such as gels and light lotions that can hydrate skin without clogging pores. If you tend towards T-zone oily, invest in a toner with mild AHAs to exfoliate dead cells this summer.

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9. Nowhere to Hide

If you have a sunburn, don’t hide it. Trying to cover sunburned skin with foundation will only make it look worse, and your skin may end up looking even more irritated. Instead, smooth on an aloe vera gel to soothe the burn. Then, tone down redness and shine with green based powder or a gold-tinted moisturizer. Look for a sheer bronze or gold-tinted moisturizer for your face to deflect the redness.

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10. Beating Those Pesky Breakouts

Summertime brings out the teenager in all of us, where our complexions are concerned. Summer breakouts are commoner as we tend to sweat more, creating a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Choose a sunscreen that’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t block pores. If you still break out, try a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, ingredients that keep pores clear.

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7 thoughts on “10 Hot Beauty Aids for a Cool Summer”

  1. I was having problems finding somewhere on the high street that sold this, then stumbled upon Amazon. Banana Boat is a non sticky after sun gel with aloe vera. It absorbs quickly and as I said is not sticky. It is so soothing, much better than other products on the market.

  2. Banana Boat Aloe Vera Skin Care Gel pump is the best I have ever tried and I have been using it for years. It works beautifully after you sunbathe and even just to soften your skin when there is no sun! Strongly recommend this product

  3. I have tried multiple different brands from cheapest (clean&clear) to most expensive (Chanel to name but one) and Shiseido has been the best so far. I have re-purchased their blotting papers several times already and am planning to purchase more shortly (duty free, yes!). They are not cheap but it takes me a while (a long while!) to finish the package, so they are not all that expensive in the long run. I mostly use a couple (4-5) of sheets a day (my skin is oily-oily-oily, especially in the summer). While I mostly have to use a couple of other brand’s sheets to blot my face at a time, one single Shiseido sheet is enough to cover my whole face! I have stopped using powder during the day. Their sheets are (amazingly!) enough to keep me matte and they keep my foundation in place! I’ll stock up when I get a chance!

  4. I’ve been using these forever – I “cheated” on them and tried various brands, Clean & Clear, Bobbi Brown, and an asian brand (sorry – I can’t remember; it was too long ago) that was much like BB. All are much cheaper, but I truly believe you get what you pay for with the blotting sheets.
    With other brands, I had to use 3 or more sheets at a time to blot the oil effectively, often twice or more a day. With the Shiseido, I only use one sheet at a time usually – two, if I’m super-oily. I know that $18 (for a pack of 100 sheets) is really pricey (as compared to $5 for 100 of BB re-fill pack), but these are so much more effective, so this lasts about 3 months on me, as opposed to BB, which I had to re-buy within about 3 weeks. So, in the end, I spent about the same $$ buying the cheaper versions, so I’m going back to Shiseido – it’s way more cost-effective and does the job better,

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