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Less is more when it comes to Botox for men. As men take grooming more seriously these days, male aesthetics is carving a whole new niche for themself.

More men are jumping onto the Botox bandwagon and getting their lines ‘magically’ erased with this purified toxin. But if you think you can spot these aesthetically enhanced guys from a mile away, think again. Male aesthetics have become a science in themselves, with doctors catering for the male beauty by tailoring their technique and doses to the suit the male face and their active lifestyles.

Gone are the days of expressionless faces and overly arched brows, male Botox is now increasingly in demand, with aesthetic doctors experienced in treating males being highly sought after.  We speak to five guys who are ‘man’ enough to admit they have had some cosmetic fine-tuning over the years. They share their tips on how to look more attractive without over-stepping the line.


If your doctor charges Botulinum toxin by the unit or the jab, run for your life. It is akin to a hairdresser charging you by the amount of hair trimmed. “It is harder to get it just right, than to put in a truckload of botox and freeze the entire area. I would rather pay the doctor for the technique than the amount of botox he uses” says Howard, a 34 year old stylist.

“The trend now is towards ‘less lines’, not ‘no lines’” confirms Lionel, a banker in his forties. Lionel gets his Botox fixes every four months at a clinic near his office and warns against switching doctors after ‘you’ve found the right one’. “Having the perfect Botox is like getting the perfect haircut. Once you’ve found a doctor that understands your needs, stick with him or her, and you won’t go wrong. The trouble starts when you doctor hop or meet an over zealous doctor who charges by the unit, and subsequently over-treats you.”


“Remember that Botox is more about technique than the actual product. In experienced hands, Botox can look very natural” says Tim, an accountant in his thirties.

One tell-tale sign of Botox is the ‘arched brows’ appearance sported by many ‘over-Botoxed’ faces. And that’s an absolute no-no for men. Women may sometimes desire some brow lift to open up their eyes and enhance their femininity. Not so for men. Male brows are naturally flatter and more horizontally positioned; arched brows may lend a feminine feel to the face and may not be in line with the overall appearance of a male look.

“Your doctor should tailor the Botox to suit the male face and not employ the same techniques for both women and men” says Howard.

This is confirmed by Dr Low Chai Ling from The Sloane Clinic. “Men look nicest when they look ‘untreated’, I tend to go lighter on their Botox to reduce their lines while keeping their expressions intact. This is on top of preserving their masculine brows, giving them a more youthful, refreshed feel without making them look feminine or unnatural.”


“We need to redefine the aim of Botox when it comes to men. Women may desire to rid their faces of lines completely while men may chose to soften lines a little. As such, I advise my patients not to chase lines when it comes to treating their faces. We need to remember that some lines make us who we are, but too many lines lend a haggard appearance. Sometimes, just softening the lines is the optimal aesthetic endpoint for some. At the end of the day, Botox must be tailored to the individual” explains Dr Low when asked about the difference between men and women receiving Botox treatments at her clinic at ION Orchard.

“I actually like to keep my forehead lines as it makes me look like a ‘thinker’’ jokes Gary, a bartender in his thirties. “It’s the frown lines that I cannot stand, they make me look unapproachable and fierce, a trait that is incompatible with my job.”

Gary gets his frown lines treated with Botox twice a year and he says that the low maintenance schedule does the trick for him.


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