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When we see a face, we are unconsciously drawn to three distinct features which will then lead us to form the judgment of whether the face is attractive. There has been much debate about what constitutes a perfect face, but most doctors agree that it boils down to three main areas.

TARGET 1: Shape of the Cheeks

The contours of the cheeks are essential in giving a perception of youth in a woman’s face.  Younger ladies have fuller, more supple-looking cheeks. As we age, our face deflate with time, the first signs of an aging face is that the cheeks begin to flatten and hollows start to appear around our eyes.

BEAUTY FIX: Cheek fillers

Fillers have long been touted as the panacea for a variety of cosmetic woes from deep lines to sunken hollows. Nowadays, the trend is to use fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers to augment the cheek area, restoring the definition and suppleness of the area.

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If fillers are not your cup of tea, or if budget is an issue, opt for cosmetic highlighters on the face. Try using an iridescent shade of eyeshadow in pearl or beige and dab it on the top of the cheeks and below the eyes. This will give the illusion that your cheeks are fuller and deflect any undereye hollows.

TARGET 2:  Complexion

There is no denying the appeal of radiant skin. No matter how much makeup you pile on, there is no substitute for a complexion that shines. Unfortunately, age, sun and pollution wreck havoc on our skin, rendering them porous, pigmented and blotchy. If you want to look instantly younger, then spend some time on restoring the quality of your skin.

BEAUTY FIX: Fraxel Restore Laser

Like the name suggests, this laser literally restore the integrity of your skin by smoothening away pitted scars, lightening pigmentation and closing pores. A series of sessions may be needed to improve your skin substantially. A word of caution: It is imperative that you stay away from the sun during your laser treatments to ensure that your skin heals with the best results. Thereafter, always use a SPF to prevent further sun damage.

BEAUTY TRICK: Mineral Powder foundation

If you need a quick complexion enhancer without the stickiness of thick foundations, try Mineral powder to give your complexion a smooth, matte finish. We love bareMinerals Powder foundation. Invisible long-wearing coverage beautifully covers everything yet feels like nothing. It gives exceptional coverage without a heavy ‘overdone’ feel.

TARGET 3: Facial proportions

Many studies have been done to prove the association between beauty and a balanced, symmetrical face. Many people focus on one key feature they would like to change when the reverse should be true. It is wiser to see your face as a whole and embark on beauty treatments that can balance out the overall proportions of your face.

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BEAUTY FIX: Chin & Nose Implants

The main features that affect the balance of our faces are our chin and our noses. If we have a small, receding chin, no matter what we do to enhance other features of the face, there won’t be as big an impact as the correction of the chin. Chin implant surgery is a simple 30-minute procedure that can be done under sedation or even local anaesthesia in some cases. Having a defined chin can boost the profile of a face, bringing the overall shape and proportions of the face closer to a symmetrical ideal.

The nose is the central feature of our face, for that reason, it ranks high on our list of priorities. If you have a deviated nose, lumps and bumps on your nose, thn get them fixes simply with either nose fillers or a nasal implant. For many Asians, the nose bridge tends to be too low, and a nasal implant can easily correct this, giving height and definition to this deficient region. A simple rhinoplasty procedure that elevates, straightens and corrects the nose can dramatically change the appearance of a face.

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This is a make-up trick that has been handed down the generations. It tends to work better for evening makeup where the lighting of the room is dimmer. Take a foundation or a eyeshadow powder that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Apply this on the sides of the nose, blending it from the sides of the nose bridge to the base. This will give the illusion of a sharper and narrower nose instantly. Be sure to blend the colour in perfectly so that there are no tell-tale edges of colour demarcations.


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  1. the cheeks, the eyes and the ose— these are the three features that are most important to me. I see girls with beautiful eyes but sunken cheeks, and that makes them look old and worn… so take care of your faces gals, cos when it goes, no makeup will cover it up.

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