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So you want to fit into that LBD for that hot date but heaven forbid, what are all those juggly bits spilling from the sides and ruining your silhouette? The market is bursting with devices that claim to nip, tuck, suck and burst fat cells. But are they living up to their claims? Here we debunk some urban legends swirling around the fat conundrum so that transforming yourself from flab to fab by choosing the right treatment is within your easy reach.

Myth #1 Body Sculpting treatments can help me lose pounds

One of the most common misconceptions about body sculpting treatments is that it is a weight loss solution and only suitable for overweight individuals. That is not true. The goal of body sculpting treatments is to create a slimmer silhouette. Even individuals with normal body weight can have flabby areas that can respond well to body scultping treatments. A good candidate for body sculpting procedures will be one who is looking for a solution to remove excess stubborn fats on certain body areas that are resistance to diet and exercise.

Myth #2 Fat can grow back after the procedure

Fat will not grow back in the same area(s) unless you gain over 30% of your body weight after the procedure. Long-term results in body contouring treatments will demand that you change your lifestyle habits. With regular exercise and proper diet, you should not see fat reappear in the treated areas.

Myth #3 Liposuction is the only option to remove body fats as non-surgical body sculpting treatments will not give results

In today’s world of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, liposuction is not the only option that men and woman have in order to remove excess body fat or loose and sagging skin. Non-invasive FDA-approved body sculpting treatment such as CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a safe yet effective treatment for those are resistant to surgery and who do not want any downtime. CoolSculpting utilizes the cryolipolysis principle where fat cells when exposed to cold temperatures are broken down naturally and are eliminated through the body’s metabolic process over the next 2 to 4 months. CoolSculpting® can be performed on tummy, thighs, flanks and post-pregnancy bulges that do not respond to diet or exercise. “Studies have shown that about 20% of fat can be removed in a single treatment session. CoolSculpting can also be combined with skin firming therapy such as Thermage, utilising radiofrequency to tighten sagging skin non-invasively in just one session” says Dr Toby Hui from The Sloane Clinic who offers the procedure from their branch at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Myth #4 Skipping meals makes you lose fat faster

Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to be heavier than people who don’t and skipping meals tend to make you overeat later. While you may be taking in less calories and burning off a few pounds, your body is simultaneously going into a fat-storing mode in its response to being starved. In effect, this means that even if you are working out, you are burning muscle rather than fat which will end in flabby results. Fad diets often yield only temporary weight loss results.

Myth #5 Permanent weight loss can be achieved with any diet.

Diets that cut out certain foods just for the short-term goal of weight loss, may work in the short-term but chances are it will never sustain you in long-run and are not healthy.  “Eating a balanced diet will allow for a slow and steady weight loss. The closer you can get to an ideal weight, the better, but small sustained improvements at the beginning of a weight-loss program have the biggest impact on your health” suggests Andy Lam, a personal trainer who devises personal diet plans for his clients.

Myth #6 If you exercise, you can eat whatever you want

You can’t lose weight if you reduce calories in one way but increase them in another way. Always eat in moderation. There is no quick and easy fast fix diet plan. True weight loss requires a life-style change. It requires hard work and motivation. If you want to lose the weight, avoid the unhealthy dieting ideas such as fad diets that are unsustainable in the long run. Instead, consult a nutritionist instead. “My patients follow The Sloane Diet plan that is tailored for their lifestyle, they also log onto www.sloanediet.com for diet tips and other lifestyle related information“ adds Dr Toby Hui. The Sloane Diet Plan comprises of a weight-loss programme that includes an exercise regime and a diet plan to help individuals achieve their individual goals based on their body and lifestyle needs.

Myth #6 Losing weight will leave me with saggy skin

Many people also worry that losing weight or fat will mean that they end up with loose saggy body skin. That is not true. First of all, our body skin has an innate elasticity, so the earlier we lose our excess fat, the less likely we will end up with saggy skin. Secondly, many body sculpting treatments such as Ultrashape incorporates a skin tightening radiofrequency technology that not only helps in fat-busting but in skin tightening as well.


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4 thoughts on “Body Myths Debunked”

  1. All this myth are so true. I tried number 4 before. It makes me gain weight instead. But I changed my diet. just eat veg for some amount and drink fruit juice then can lose weight and eat less meal.

  2. I see. So does skipping meals but eating normal will help us lose weight? It seem my brother recently eat only 2 meal a day and he from chubby to slim in a month. But I don’t think it is healthy to skip meal as you might get gastric.

  3. I checked out the Sloane Diet and sample meal plan sure is good. Everyday is a different plan and you will get enough nutrient and vitamin. The recipes on it is also good, it helps me to slim down. It’s something different.

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