“Ava Gardner was the most beautiful woman in the world, and it’s wonderful that she didn’t cut up her face. She addressed aging by picking up her chin and receiving the light in a better way.” – Sharon Stone.

When one stares at her reflection in the mirror and sees double eyelids and bilateral dimples, it’s not hard for one to agree with the old saying that, ‘good things come in pairs’. However this cannot be any further from the truth when we move further down south to our chin. Nothing takes away the beauty from the face faster than a double chin. Although it tends to affect plus size men and ladies more; slim people may be plagued by this embarrassing cosmetic defect too.  Reason being that besides being a by product of obesity, double chin can also be caused by genetics and ageing. So what can be done besides hiding from mirrors or cameras that threaten to capture our side profile? Fortunately, there are many trial and tested ways to minimize a double chin; giving us ‘double happiness’ for not ‘seeing double’!

Lose Weight

If you have a double, triple or quadruple chin; chances are you’re overweight. However, it is good to know that when you begin to lose weight, excess body fat disappears first from your face. Adopt a healthy diet and cut back on fatty, sweet and salty foodstuffs. Plan an exercise regime that incorporates at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises 3 times a week. It’s all a balancing act and you will need to burn more calories than your intake in order to lose excess body fat.

Sit Straight

A tip we can all learn from Ava Gardner and probably the first rule in modeling 101 is that a good posture will correct and hide almost all flaws on the face and body. Sitting up straight with your head held high, neck thrust slightly forward and shoulders pulled back will make your double chin less noticeable. This will also strengthen jaw muscles which in turn help to keep fat from building up under your chin. Do not slouch when you walk and use an ergonomic, posture-correcting chair, especially if you work for long hours at a desk.

Dress Right

The way your hair falls, the style of clothes you pick and even the kind of jewelry you wear can all influence how prominent your double chin look. A few simple styling tricks can have your chin looking smooth and sleek in double quick time. A common mistake is to try and hide a double chin with turtlenecks and tight fitting neck scarves. This will actually draw the eyes to the problem area and emphasize a thick neck. Opt for a lower V neckline, one decorated with embellishments or an open buttoned blouse as these styles help to divert attention away from the chin and elongate the neck visually. Likewise, a long necklace with a pendant will do better than a short pearl necklace or choker. Chunky and dangling earrings that fall directly besides the chin area should be avoided. Instead, replaced them with smaller ones that make the distance between the ear and the shoulder appear longer and thinner to camouflage your chin.


Perhaps you need to re-invent your look to hide your flaw? Consider having a short haircut that works  height into the style. While a short hairstyle cannot physically hide a double chin, it helps to draw the eye away by creating interest and volume at the top of the head. This extra boost in height will also balance up the roundness of the face by elongating it. If you must have a longer style, experiment with a layered bob that sits past the chin. This flattering cut helps draw attention away from the jawline without compromising your femininity.


One of the surest way to tackle that awful pocket of fat hanging under your chin is to have it surgically removed. “The current trend is towards minimally invasive surgery such as Vaser Lipolysis that gives good result with reduced downtime and quick recovery,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Tan Ying Chien of The Sloane Clinic. “The major advantage of ultrasound assisted (Vaser) liposuction over traditional facial liposuction lies in the way it targets only the fat layer. There is far less bruising and swelling as other surrounding structures including blood vessels are not damaged by the ultrasound. When used to treat double chin, this procedure takes less than an hour, heals in about a fortnight and keeps one happy for many years down the road.”


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