Another year has passed but that doesn’t mean you have to look a year older. For the coming year, we ask top beauty experts for the best beauty prep tips that will leave us looking fresh-faced and bright-eyed all through the celebrations.

FOCUS ON EYES – says Sandra Kelly, skincare expert

The eyes are the windows to our souls, therefore it suffices to say that any tell-tale signs of ageing will also begin there. No matter how hard you have been partying, don’t forget to pat on some eye cream before bedtime.

If undereye circles are becoming the bane of your life, try making your own eye masks. Apply a soothing eye cream, chill two spoons in the refrigerator and apply over your exhausted peepers. It will constrict blood vessels that contributes to the dark shadowing under your eyes, instantly brightening the under eye area.

CLEAR COMPLEXION – says Dr Kenneth Lee, The Sloane Clinic

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to a clear complexion. Too many of us are reactive, dabbing on pimple cream only when zits rear their ugly heads. Instead, stop pimples in their tracks with a comprehensive complexion clearing skincare regime. Use mild salicylic acid every morning to unclog pores, we recommend Sloane Inc Clarity. Vitamin A in the form of retinol or retinoids can also help the formation of pimples and keep skin clear, try Sloane Inc Super Helper nightly. ( )

Go for monthly microdermabrasions which uses a spray of crystals to exfoliate dead cells, unclogging pores and preventing the formation of more deep-seated issues such as comedones and pimples.

HYDRATION IS KEY – says Sharon Lee, makeup artist

No matter how oily you think your skin is, you should never over cleanse or over scrub your face. This will lead to over stimulation of the oil glands and even more oil production in the long run. The other paradox for oily complexions is the use of oil controlling products which leads to the dehydration of the skin surface while the underlying skin stays oily. Such complexions typically look flaky and dull with makeup. The best way to keep oily complexions looking fresh and glowing is to use the gentlest cleanser you can find such as Cetaphil facial wash. Then apply water-based moisturizer to keep skin supple and dewy. We like Epicuren Phyto2, a hyaluronic acid based hydrator for all skin types.

If skin gets shiny throughout the day, use blotting paper to blot of excess oil. Try not to apply face powder to take away the shine as it will leave your face looking cakey.

THE SKINNY ON SKINNY – says Mark Teo, fitness trainer

Nothing looks better than a trimmed and toned physique. Unfortunately, our metabolic rate plummets with age, leading to an insidious pattern of weight gain once we hit our 30s. To stay skinny, we need to change our eating habits when we hit our 30s and 40s. The three big no-nos are: No eating after 8pm every night. No bingeing on processed carbohydrates, opt for complex carbohydrates like brown rice instead. No sugary drinks such as soda or coke, the hidden sugars in these drinks contribute to excess pounds you don’t need without filling you up at all.

Activity also helps you stay trim, and while everyone is different, some cardiovascular pursuit such as jogging or swimming is recommended. To optimize your fitness program, try interval training where you engage in high intensity workouts interspersed with more moderate workouts in between. For instance, sprinting for 1 minute followed by walking for another minute. Repeat this for 10 minutes.


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