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Radiant. Vibrant. Universally flattering. 2013’s pantone shade of the year is Emerald Green. This shade can flatter your face when worn with style. Let’s face it, you want to look like a Greek Goddess not a runaway leprechaun. Some skill is needed to carry off emerald green. If you are slightly tanned and brunette, you have got it made, but for the rest of us, some minor tweaking is necessary. Let us give you a brief intro on how you can wear this shade and shine.

Make Up For Ever Powder Blush for the eyes

The trick to wearing a green shade of eye shadow is in the blending. Do not cover your entire lid green unless your name is Kermit the frog. Apply a nude base in taupe or sand on your eyelids, then apply emerald green from the outer corner of your eyelids, working your way towards the inner corner of your eyelids. Blend the well.

If green eyeshadow seems too bold for you, try wetting your eyeshadow brush, then apply some green eyeshadow using a damp brus to line your lower lids. It gives your eyes an explosion of colour, bringing our your irises without overpowering your overall look.

Always pair vibrant emerald eyes with a nude or bronzy lip shade. Stay clear of clashing lip colours such as bright reds.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner

We love, love, love this great liner! It says ‘Aqua’ on the tube but when applied, it imparts a sparkling emerald hue that lasts all day. The applicator makes lining the eyes ‘easy-peasy’. Pair this glitzy liner with nude eye shadow to make your eyes pop. This is perfect for a night out on the town.

Make Up For Ever Eyeliner in Aqua

This is a great liner for ladies who want to bring a touch of emerald to work. In the day, sparkles are out of the question for some, so this matte green liner is a great alternative for a funky splash of colour to brighten any look, at work and at play. Wear it alone or with browns and bronzy makeup shades.

Illamasqua False Eye Lashes

Who says eyelashes have to be boring and black? These gorgeous creations bring a touch of peekaboo green nestled among the darker strands to enhance your eyes beautifully. Perfect for an extraordinary night out.

Hair Accessories in Emerald

Hair accessories like this one can jazz up any hair do. Ditch the in-salon “blowdry look” for a softer, more naturally tousled look this year. Scrunch dry your hair and let it fall in natural waves. Apply a sparkling hair accessory to your crowning glory to bring a touch of colour to your look. You want to look ‘street glam’ but not overdone. These accessories can be found anywhere, they don’t have to be expensive, check out neighbourhood vintage shops for inspiration.


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  1. seriously i don;t know how anyone can wear green eye makeup. I have tried non countless occassions and the bright hue just gave my complexion a ghastly look. It is way too bright. But i am willing to give it another go and opt for green eyeliner.

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