The ‘M’ Factor

[By Richard Robson]

Men are defined by their masculinity, yet exactly what defines manliness? We break down the components that constitute what we call the ‘M’ Factor.

Have you ever wondered why George Clooney, Brad Pitt and David Beckham are some of the names that come up repeatedly year after year whenever a list is drawn or a poll is made for the sexiest or most attractive men alive? What make them stand out from the sea of men? The truth is, from stone-age to space age, physical attraction is deeply rooted in the science of Evolution. Consciously or subconsciously, many of the features one finds attractive in a fellow human being are reflective of his or her evolutionary suitability. In women, an ample chest and curved hips suggest child-bearing ability and are assets that often attract the attention of heterosexual males.  In men, masculinity in both facial features and physique reflect physical health and thus ability for survival. It is therefore not surprising for studies to reveal that heterosexual women prefer faces dominated by masculine traits such as a relatively longer lower face, developed brows, broad and prominent cheekbone, and chiseled jawline.  So as an Alpha male who wouldn’t mind that extra bit of attention from the fairer sex, what can be done to make you more of a George, Brad or Beckham?

Grow Some Hair

Facial hair is one of the secondary sex characteristics that separate the boys from men so generally, women tend to view this as a sign of masculinity. However, if you are not particularly hirsute to start off with, it might be a better idea to remain clean shaven then to have a few lonely strands of hair sprouting on your chin like a teenage boy that just hit puberty. Take a leaf from Brad Pitt’s style on the red carpet and experiment with a few days’ worth of stubble to a full grown beard or mustache. This might just give you a signature look and turn you into a babe magnet! In any case, make sure your facial hair is neat and well groomed; think chic not scruffy. The last thing a lady want is to be accosted by a guy looking like Robinson Crusoe!

Work That Body

While doing cardiovascular exercise and lifting weights mostly affects the physique and the body beneath the head, it can also alter facial appearance to give you a more masculine look. Losing weight and fat will give you more defined cheekbones and a stronger jawline, both of which enhance one’s masculinity.

In addition, weight-lifting exercises that target the neck and build the trapezius muscles broaden the neck and shoulders. The overall impression will be one of heightened manliness when paired with sharper and more chiseled facial features.

Stand Up Straight

When you’re out at a club or even when waiting in line at Starbucks, who do you think will get notice first? Is it the guy who is standing tall and straight or the guy who looks like he’s going to slump onto the floor anytime soon?  Maybe the sloppy Joe but that’s being noticed for all the wrong reasons! It’s amazing how something as simple as good posture can make someone look tall, slim and, most importantly, confident. And a man who’s exuding confidence is the one who gets noticed for all of the right reasons. So get your spine untangled and stand up straight, whenever, wherever.

Dress Sharp

You don’t have to dress like you just walk out of the pages of GQ but it really won’t do you harm to be well put together be it for a formal or casual date. For all the effort your lady friend put in from hair to makeup to coordinated shoes and accessories; compliment her and reciprocate with at least freshly laundered, ironed and well- fitting clothes paired with venue appropriate shoes.

Too much effort and are you lost? Fret not. Always have your best gay buddy’s number on speed-dial for that in case of emergency, date-night fashion crisis.

Sculpt The Face

In a published study done by Dr. Darrick Antell of the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons, it was reported that after examining the profiles of 42 of the top CEOs on the Fortune 500 list, besides being taller than the average population and more attractive per se, 94% of these men had chins that were either average or above average in prominence when compared to the general population. Warren Buffett and John Mack come to mind as two good examples of this observation. Similarly, Hollywood is never short of leading men with strong chins, from the likes of Al Pacino to Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, unlike our chest and arms, men can’t exercise their chins to make them bigger and more prominent. If your chin is weak or receding, it will remain so and will only get worse with age. A great way to correct this to enhance your masculinity will be a chin implant. Made out of a soft, rubbery material, chin implant can be inserted with a small incision to sit right on your natural chin to give it a boost and create a stronger impression. In addition, it increases the distance under the chin and gives you a more defined look by minimizing any existing double-chin.

If you are not quite ready for full-fledged surgery, perhaps you would want to consider having an injectable option to correct this physical flaw. Chin Filler which can be done as an outpatient procedure is relatively pain-free and gives visible results immediately. “Depending on each individual patient’s profile and skin laxity, I will opt for a suitable Hyaluronic Acid Filler that best complement his face shape,” says Dr. Kenneth Lee from The Sloane Clinic. “The best thing is the procedure is reversible if you don’t like the end result, and reproducible if you like it.”

Believe In Yourself

“Nothing is more attractive than wits and confidence,” swoons Giselle, a freelance lifestyle magazine writer. It’s all about having the right attitude and to take charge of your life and what goes on in it. Believe in yourself, not only that you can do what you set out to do, but that you already are what you need to be.


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  1. Always wanted a more defined chin and thought that it’s a bit extreme to go for Plastic Surgery. Fillers seem a good option though. Tks for pointing me in this direction!

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