Botox For Your Feet!

[By Nadine Harper]

Most people associate Botox with wrinkles and lines on your face. But Botox may be more than just a cosmetic fix, according to new findings released this year.


Researchers are found that this anti-wrinkle quick fixer is also surprisingly effective against plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition commonly experienced by runners as a pain at the soles of their feet when the connective tissues in that area becomes inflamed with repetitive stress or pressure. Doctors say that injections of Botox into the hyperactive calf muscles help to release the pull on these tissues situated at the soles of the feet, relieving pain. Talk about happy feet!


That’s not all. This multi-tasking do-gooder has also obtained FDA approval recently to treat overactive bladder, a condition where the muscles of the bladder squeeze, leading to frequent urination and incontinence. We can just imagine the distress such a condition must cause, not to mention the aggravation of frown lines it would eventually cause.

Enter Botox. Apparently, botox works to relax the bladder, reducing the symptoms such as urgency. What a relief!


If you are not suitably impressed yet, then listen to this. Botox has also been found to help migrane sufferers! Some migraine sufferers who have found little relief with traditional painkillers have responded to injections of Botox!

The reason it works is Botox prevents the release of a certain neurotransmitter which is the culprit behind spasms or muscle tightness associated with headaches (even wrinkles, or twitches).


Hyperhidrosis is an embarrassing condition of excessive and uncontrolled sweating. It can affect the underarms, the hands or any part of the body for that matter. Most of the sufferers find that it can be triggered by stress, nervousness or sometimes, nothing at all. Botox injections into these areas of excess sweating have been shown to effectively reduce the severity of the condition, a true godsend for many sufferers who have suffered in silence over this debilitating condition. Now, thanks to Botox, many are able to lead their lives with confidence.


Doctors have long used Botox to treat patients suffering from GI problems where the muscles clench up and spasm. The Botox relaxes the muscles, preventing the twitches. When doctors injected the Botox in the stomach, they also noticed something else—the food moves through the gut slower, making a person feel fuller longer, meaning he eats less. Using botox in this way has resulted in moderate weight loss for the patients—- 20 to 30 pounds in four to six months. However, the procedure is slightly invasive and involves the use of an endoscope, a long medical scope that is inserted orally, to inject the stomach from top to bottom with Botox. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and patients are in a twilight sleep (light sedation), where they can’t feel pain, but aren’t completely unconscious. While the use of Botox in this area is still controversial with a recent research paper expressing skepticism, previous studies have shown it’s effective.  The FDA has yet to approve its use for weight loss, but doctors believe that in time to come, this is one area that shows great promise.


Korean celebs started this trend of facial sculpting by sporting feminine, almond shaped faces. This slim V-shaped look has since been coveted by women all over the world. Unfortunately, not all ladies are blessed with this genetic trait. Doctors in Asia however are undaunted and have used Botox to slim down the jawlines of ladies who have square jaws. It has been so effective that apparently, it is now one of the most popular non-invasive aesthetic procedures in Asia.

Doctors also use it to shrink the calf muscles for those complaining of bulky legs. While the effect of Botox in this area is not quite as dramatic as that for slimming the face (due to the larger bulk of the calf muscles), some patients have reported satisfaction with the procedure when combining this with a moderate slimming regime using lifestyle and diet modification.


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