Fortune Dressing

[By Fiona Li]

2013 is the year of the Water Snake, according to Chinese fortune tellers. To be in harmony the energy of the ruling Water Snake, it is recommended to wear the colours of the Water feng shui element – all shades of blue and black. Here are some of our top picks for an auspicious year.

Vivienne Westwood: a flattering drape and a sexy back slit.

Roland Mouret: the attention to detail makes this a stunning ensemble

Alexander McQueen: Queen of figure and form, flatters all shapes.

Vionnet: Parisian old world charm with a modern twist

To accessorize, jewellery with natural crystals and stones with the presence of water energy, such as turquoise, aquamarine, pearls, kyanite, lapis lazuli and moonstone.

Marie-Helene de Taillac: aquamarine and tourmaline ring

Or, go for black colour ones, such as black obsidian, black tourmaline or black onyx.

Bounkit: Art Deco bold with black onyx


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5 thoughts on “Fortune Dressing”

  1. ooooo! I am so glad the colors for this year are not red. Red just makes me look like a walking ang bao. blue and blacks are something I can totally handle. thank god!

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