SCARF CHIC - 4 ways to rock a scarf

[By Bebe Lin]


1. Start with a long and narrow scarf, preferably with angled ends (but straight edges will work too).

2. Center the scarf behind your head and pull the ends in front of your forehead.

3. Cross the ends over and pull tight.

4. Bring the ends behind your head and secure with a double knot.

Purse handle tie

1. Start with a long and narrow scarf.

2. Tie one end of the scarf to the base of your bag’s handle.

3. Carefully twist the scarf around the handle, winding it so that the handle is completely covered.

4. Secure the other end of the scarf to the opposite handle.

Halter top

1. Start with two scarves: one long and narrow and one square.

2. Tie one corner of the square scarf to the center of the long and narrow scarf.

3. Tie the long and narrow scarf around your neck so that the square scarf hangs in front of your body.

4. Grab the corners that fall by your side and bring them behind your back. Secure them with a double knot.

Bundled scarf

The hipster style above may look effortless, but there’s an art to doing this twist.

1. Holding a long scarf lengthwise, twist it—loosely and imperfectly—in your hands.

2. Gently wind the scarf around your neck two or three times. You want it to be voluminous, not tight.

3. Tuck in any corners so no pieces are left hanging. Tug lightly on the middle to further relax it.


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3 thoughts on “SCARF CHIC – 4 ways to rock a scarf”

  1. I love to tie a scarf like a neckerchief round my neck. Not a fan of the scarf rolled around handles like what some of women do it with their Brikin bags. It’s like to ensure the handles don’t get dirty? Tres uh-chic!

  2. I love scarves but have never been able to wear one without looking strange. Have a hermes scarf as a gift from a friend a few years before, and have never plucked up the guts to wear it. maybe now i shall. Thanks for the tips!

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