North Korean Hair menu anyone?

[By Fiona Li]

If you’re plotting a funky new hairdo, North Korea is probably not the place to get it done.

The Communist State has a strict hairstyle policy with menus of state-approved options available at salons to guide citizens’ choices. Men can pick from 10 variations on the short back and sides. Women have a bit more choice – a dazzling array of 18 styles that seem to have been plucked from an episode of 80s soap Dynasty.

The origins of North Korea’s coiffure rules can be traced back to a state TV show launched in 2005, entitled ‘Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle’.

The catchily titled show promoted short hair among the male populace and generally frowned on those “untidy” foreign styles.

NK News recalls how the show sent out: “Teams with hidden cameras to catch Pyongyangites who were falling foul of recommended hair-styles.

“Upon confronting these individuals, the programme makers dramatically went on to broadcast their full names, professions and addresses, in the hope of influencing viewers to stick with orthodoxy.”

Breaking the new rules could leave people facing a brush with the law.


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4 thoughts on “North Korean Hair menu anyone?”

  1. Isn’t it bad to broadcast people full names, professions and even addresses to say about their hair style, it might even cost them to lose job or have media at their door just because of hair style.

  2. actually, its quite a comprehensive selection. my gripe is not the lack of choice but the backward styles. It looks like a blast from the past. I guess hair dye is out of the question then.

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