In a poll carried out on over 1,300 women by fashion website MyCelebrityFashion, actress Demi Moore came out on top as the celebrity we think is ageing most gracefully.

While there’s no denying the 50-year-old looks as picture-perfect as ever, the star has had a little help along the way – although she claims never had any work done to her face.

The other celebrities that made the top eight list are as follows:

1. Demi Moore – 55 per cent

2.Olivia Newton-John – 41 per cent

3. Helen Mirren – 39 per cent

4. Michelle Obama – 29 per cent

5. Michelle Pfeiffer – 25 per cent

6. Twiggy – 19 per cent

7. Sharon Stone – 16 per cent

8. Oprah Winfrey – 12 per cent

While ‘a bit of moisturiser’ was the most common response to combating the signs of ageing – we want what Demi and co are having.

‘A bit of moisturiser’ #1:


Nowadays, superstars get their wrinkle fix instantaneously by using BOTOX but with a twist. Gone are the days of frozen faces, latest BOTOX techniques mean that facial expressions are preserved while lines are softened. A-listers who still sport mask-like faces need to get on the natural BOTOX bandwagon pronto!

“It is not uncommon for ladies to request for natural BOTOX these days, most prefer softening of their lines rather complete eradication” says Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of The Sloane Clinic which offers natural BOTOX treatments to their clients.

‘A bit of moisturiser’ #2:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have been rising in popularity over the years, in part because of their high safety and low side effect profile. Made from sugar molecules called hyaluronic acid, these natural fillers not only plump out lines and fill sunken areas on your face, they also stimulate your body’s own production of collagen, resulting in a complexion-enhancing effect. One caution: dermal fillers needs to be given by trained hands to prevent the overfilled “pillow” faces sported by some unfortunate cosmetic aficionados. When done properly, dermal fillers can rejuvenate undereye hollows, plump up sunken cheeks and erase ominous facial lines. Sounds like a type of ‘moisturiser’ I would go for.

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‘A bit of moisturiser’ #3:


It is amazing that celebrities are often seen frolicking on the sunny beaches of St Tropez and other exotic beach holiday destinations, while sporting a freckle-free complexion. Is there some kind of pigment erasing, complexion-brightening cream that we have somehow missed? The truth is that topical creams can only deliver so much, with many falling short of their touted promises. If you want a glow that lasts, opt for non-ablative lasers that will lighten unsightly sun-spots while boosting cellular turnover effectively.

“Some of the most popular lasers are pigment lasers which target uneven skin tone and pigmentation, as well as Light Lift lasers that tone and lift the skin. These non-ablative lasers are by far the most requested ones in our practice because of their high safety profile and minimal downtime which is crucial for the busy executive” says Dr Tan Wang Theng from The Sloane Clinic.

‘A bit of moisturiser’ #4:

Face Peels

Wearing all that makeup is bound to take its toll on your skin right? Wrong. Celebs can party all night with makeup intact yet face the world with clear, glowing skin the next day. Their secret? Face Peels. Latest AHA peels incorporate a synergistic blend of fruit acids to deliver multiple skin-rejuvenative effects with minimal downtime. Check out Glamour Peel by The Sloane Clinic, a 3-day weekend peel for a post-party (or pre-party) skin fix.

‘A bit of moisturiser’ #5:

Vampire facials

The latest fad to hit the aesthetics scene, this gory sounding facial is anything but. Yes, it does involve extraction of a small vial of your blood but with good reason. Doctors then spin the blood to extract vital growth factors that are beneficial for your skin cells. This is then re-applied back onto your skin using tiny microinjections or dermarollers. The natural growth factors extracted from your own blood then do their work, stimulating your skin’s own healing process, rejuvenating and renewing your skin from inside out. Sounds amazing? No wonder, vampires always looked so youthful.

“I tried a vampire facial after seeing how it was done on Kim Kardashian. It wasn’t all that gory, and it did plump and tone up my skin somewhat after” says Tricia, who tried her very first vampire facial last month.


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6 thoughts on “Celebrity Beauty Fixes”

  1. Vampire facials huh, 1st time I ever heard of it. Maybe after researching more about i might go try it out. It seem much more healthy then the rest of the treatment.

  2. I read somewhere that Demi Moore did full body Thermage to tighten all loose skin for her bikini screentime in “Charlie Angels II”. Must be an investment but she looked super duper good in that movie, I must say!

  3. So much for not doing anything on their faces… LOL. There’s nothing wrong to seek a little “outside help” when the time comes. just don’t go overboard and at all times, still preserve your original identity and look, that’s my take on cosmetic surgery.

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