[By Hayley Wong]

Beauty blunders that we hope to erase from living memory

Powder Explosion

We have all seen the photos of Nicole Kidman on the red carpet looking like a powder puff exploded on her face. Unless you are Nigella Lawson in the midst of baking a deliciously sinful banana cream cake, there is no reason for you to look like you’ve been assaulted by a sack of flour.

NO: Don’t over-powder your face, you may look okay in the ambient lighting of the powder room, but in the light of day, you’ll only end up resembling a clown. And no matter what the Jacksons say, it just isn’t natural for your face to look five shades lighter than your neck.

DO: Sweep off excess powder with a big brush. Blot off excess makeup by gently pressing a single sheet of tissue over your skin. This will prevent your makeup disasters from showing up on your frenemies’ twitter or facebook pages.

Lipstick Lesson

You should wear your lipstick, not eat them. Nothing distracts more than streaks of red staining your teeth. Unless you are trying to distract your companion from the wart growing on your forehead, our advice is to do a quick check on your smile before you leave the house.

NO: Don’t apply dark or bright- coloured lipsticks too close to your teeth. Don’t use lipsticks that are easily transferable and don’t apply lipsticks when you are starving. Needless to say, never apply lipstick in the dark or while you are driving. Mistakes happen and chances are, the laugh’s on you.

DO: Go with a matte-looking, long lasting shade that is more likely to stay on your lips than your teeth or your wine glass. Blot off excess lipstick with a tissue, and do a discreet check on your smile from time to time using the back of your spoon.

Nipple No-show

There is no appropriate occasion to show off a nipple unless you are Janet Jackson at the Super bowl or a gorilla on heat. Preserve some sense of decorum by ensuring that you wear a good fitting bra at all times.

NO: If you are wearing a thin silk top or something similarly filmsy, don’t attempt to leave your house without some sort of nipple protection— bra, nipple tape, scotch tape etc. Showing the silhouette of your nipples isn’t sexy; it’s distracting and uncomfortable, sort of like thinking about your parents having sex.

DO: Conceal those buggers with ingenuity. Nowadays, bras come in all forms and sizes to complement all types of revealing tops. If you like to free your breasts from the constraints of a bra, ensure you wear a nipple tape to reign in those twin terrors.


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2 thoughts on “Oops! I did it again”

  1. Why does Nicole kidman have those streaks of white under her eyes? i can’t think of a reason why her makeup artist would overpowder her face like that. Too much powder on your skin will only accentuate fine lines

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