[By Elena Wong]

Nobody is the innocent victim of a drive-thru feeding. Littered among our best intentions are sneaky factors that can sabotage the best weight-loss plan. Your strategy: Identify the saboteurs, then adjust.

“Love” handles

Wedded bliss is not so blissful when it comes to your waistline. Being married is actually detrimental to your weight. Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that men and women usually gain 6 to 8 pounds in the first 2 years of marriage!

Once you’re married, that need to impress is gone, you may go to the gym less often, go out for meals or to parties more frequently, and develop new rituals, such as sitting on the couch with your wife and snacking.

Remedy: Fix your routine: Establish healthful rituals such as regular walks. Exercise suppresses appetite so substitute pigging out in front of the TV with some calorie-burning activity with your other half.

Recommend: Up by Jawbone tracks your daily acitivity and sends an alert when you have been idle for sometime. Read more..

“Baby” fat

Don’t we know it? One moment, we are a svelte twenty something, the next moment, we are an overweight soccer mum. The presence of children in a household sharply increases the likelihood of tempting junk food in the cupboard— some finds their way into adult mouths.

The urge to finish your children’s leftovers is the proverbial last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Remedy: Your kids will be better off without junk food. Make your home a junkfood-free zone. And if your kids are not finishing their meals, resist the urge to jump in to do it for them. Save yourself some calories by turning a blind eye.

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Not getting enough shut-eye

Not getting enough deep inhibits production of growth hormone, which might lead to premature middle-age symptoms–abdominal obesity, reduced muscle mass and strength, and diminished exercise capacity. In other words, you become Homer Simpson.

Remedy: Exercise in the morning or afternoon instead of in the evening to avoid being over-stimulated at bedtime. Limit caffeine intake to mornings and early afternoons.

Recommend: Melatonin supplements can help you get a restful night rest without the grogginess of sleeping pills. Read more..

“Shifty” habits

Workers gain 7 pounds on average when they switch from a day to a night shift, according to the New York Obesity Research Center. Men working the graveyard shift tend to eat a big evening meal and go to work, then they come home to another ‘supper’ in the morning.

Remedy: Adjust your concept of mealtime by eating your biggest meal when you get home from your shift, then relax or exercise in the morning. Get 8 hours of sleep in the afternoon, then wake up and have breakfast.

Recommend: Kicking off your workday (even if it starts in the evening) with a light meal that’s high in protein or fiber is crucial for weight loss. Our recommendation is egg whites like this egg white frittata! Read more..

Flip out

Stress will spike levels of the hormone cortisol, which tells your body to store fat. Unfortunately, some people appease their anxiety by reaching for fatty foods which boosts insulin levels; combining that with cortisol leads to greater fat deposits. More stress, bigger belly.

Remedy: Make healthy eating effortless. Buy snacks that won’t send insulin levels soaring: high-fiber energy bars or single-serving bags of almonds or cashews. Fifteen minutes of explosive activity–hitting a speed bag or jumping rope–can alleviate anxieties after work.

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5 thoughts on “Weight Saboteurs – Why you are not dropping pounds?”

  1. I was on Optifast as of Dec 2012, and phased into foods on my 11th week, and then ate healthy, slowly bringing in meals. I lost 50kg to date…I put on a couple of kilograms after phasing foods back in, as your metabolism will get shot. And if you aren’t willing to stick with healthy eating afterwards, you WILL put it all back on. I still have a little under 20 left to lose before I’m at my dream weight, and after almost 6 months of proper food without regain, my metabolism is back to it’s healthy self and burning fat as well as tolerating carbohydrates. Unfortunately, I’m impatient and as of yesterday I’ve started Optifast again to get me down to my recommended weight for my height.

    Now onto the negative. I had to bring in 1 meal as of 11 weeks rather than make it the full 12 because in week 11 I became partially paralysed. Every muscle ached…my head throbbed, heart was beating like crazy. It was a horrifying experience. So this time I’m quitting at 10 weeks and phasing in meals again, trying to avoid that paralysis as it isn’t healthy.

  2. I have been on optifast 4 weeks now and have lost 17.5 kgs I have 3 shakes a day and a piece of fruit, I treat my self to one mean a week healthy of course I feel great and I am very happy with my results I would like to loose another 29kgs to bbe at my goal weight 65kgs by christmas cant wait. I Love the Chocolate ones.

  3. I’ve used Melatonin for 10 years. I alternate between regular and extended release form. The extended release form seems to give me morning grogginess no matter how long I take it, but extended release has some benefits if you are not sleeping through the night. I was diagnosed with parainsomnia when I was 10 years old, and struggled with it for 20 years, after taking several different prescription medicines that didn’t work or side effects were so awful, I started taking this. It has changed my life because now I feel like I have a life. I wake up refreshed with energy to make it through the day. I take only 3mg a night and started taking 3mg during the day to help with my Fibromyalgia.

  4. I have been taking Melatonin every night for about 3 years and it works good for me! I have never had my sleep problem “diagnosed” but I can tell you that if I don’t take something to make me fall asleep ,I can easily stay awake for at least 36 hours and then in order to fall asleep I still have to take something! I have tried Tylenol PM and sometimes use pain pills and muscle relaxers (ruptured disc in my neck) and I still need Melatonin with any of them! I have noticed that I seem to need more than I started out taking.

  5. The breast-stress ball was an absolutely hilarious gift. I gave it to my cousin since it matched his nickname and eveyone got a laugh. He tells me that his 3 year old niece plays with it when he is babysitting and doesn’t let anyone else touch it.

    Its very sturdy even though its so bouncy!

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