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As the days get warmer, and hemlines rise higher, we know summer is near. It’s not just our fashion that’s changing to suit the soaring temperatures but our beauty bag needs an overhaul too. All through winter, you have been diligently working out in the gym to prepare for the string of beach parties and poolside soirees, so don’t let a dull complexion dim your beach goddess sparkle. We have some skin saviors that will guarantee dermal perfection despite the scorching heat.

Summer Savior #1

Sunscreen:  It’s no big secret that sunscreen is an absolute summer necessity. If you are not already wearing one every day, do yourself a favor and start the habit right now—this summer. Save your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation and preserve it for the future with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. If you are prone to pigmentation, make that 50 or above. Use a proper sunscreen and don’t depend on you makeup— any SPF in that will probably protect you for 15 minutes! Opt for a sunscreen that not only protects but moisturizes at the same time to keep your skin well hydrated when exposed to elements of the great outdoors. Try Eau Thermale Avéne Very High Protection dream SPF 50+ or dab on my personal favorite, Sloane Inc Sunblock SPF 70. This no-nonsense, non- greasy sunblock concocted in a matte finish is 100% chemical and fragrance-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin and young children and saving me the hassle of packing separate items for the kiddies. Offering maximum sun protection and guaranteed to be water and sweat proof for up to 240 minutes, it’s a total mega blocker that blends 3 antioxidant teas, an invisible shine-absorbing micro mesh & UV reflectors.

Summer Savior #2

Lip Balm with SPF: Just like your face, your lips need protection from the harmful UV rays of the long summer days. Available in a choice of tub or stick, Epicuren’s SPF Aloe Enzyme Lip Balm is a uniquely formulated enzyme protein emollient with tea tree oil, Aloe Vera, Sun Proof Factor of 15, and antioxidants; protecting and moisturizing your puckers for those balmy days by the beach. I like its light, smooth and non-sticky finish with a tinge of fresh herbal sweetness from the tea tree oil.

For an au naturel looking youthful pout, slick on a coat of Sloane Inc Lip Stain over your lip balm to give just that right hint of ‘barely there’ color. This alcohol-free and highly versatile product can double up as a cheek stain, providing hours of natural looking color with its unique water-resistant formulation that ensures lips stay invitingly flushed even after numerous glasses of lychee martinis and Malibu cocktails!

Summer Savior #3

Tinted Moisturizer: Dare to go bare this summer and leave your dramatic make-up kit at home. The first move is to trade in your heavy foundation for a much lighter tinted moisturizer. We would love some of that luminosity of Chanel’s spokesperson, Kiera Knightly’s flawless skin and is therefore partial to her favorite product, Chanel’s Hydramax + Active Teint. The price may be a little steep but this high quality luxury cream provides lightweight yet significant coverage, hydrating the skin at the same time to a covetable dewy look that gives you immunity against bad candid Instagram pics.

Summer Savior #4

Bronzer: Although tanning is a big no-no, that doesn’t mean you need to go walking around pale as a vampire. Incidentally, that “True Blood” look is so last season! To give your face a healthy, sun-kissed glow sans soleil, reach for the bronzer to highlight and contour your face; giving yourself some enviable cheekbones that rival those of Transformer’s resident babe, Rosie Huntington. Try Guerlain Terra Soleia Tan-Enhancing Bronzer Face and Décolleté, a celebrity ‘must-have’ bronzing powder to achieve that fresh holiday look that takes you anywhere from St. Bards to St. Tropez. This complexion-enhancing bronzing powder comes in a universal shade that’s suitable for all skin colors. Blended with iridescent golden particles, a light dusting on the face, neck, décolletage and shoulders delivers a natural luminosity that will make you shine bright like a diamond at any summer soiree.

Summer Savior #5

Waterproof Mascara: With summer’s nude look of ‘barely there’ make-up, open up your eyes and amp up those lashes to the max. Long lashes are fabulous in any season but with all the sweat, swimming and sprinklers of summer, it’s even more important to use a waterproof formula so that it stays on your lashes and not all over your face. For something that’s bang for the buck, try CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara for long, volumized lashes that costs nearly next to nothing. Slick on a coat or two and brush a little on your brows to define them and voila, you are all ready to face summer… and the paparazzi!


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22 thoughts on “Save your Skin from Summer Saboteurs”

  1. I Love Epicuren’s SPF Aloe Enzyme Lip Balm. It works better than anything I have tried. Seems expensive but I use it daily and it lasted me about 9 months.

  2. This is by far my HG mascara. I have very thick and already long lashes so anything that isn’t waterproof mascara will not hold my eyelash curl. But CoverGirl mascara lashblast is what I have been using for 4 years and i have no complain about it except that it is hard to remove but that is to be expected of a waterproof mascara

  3. Cover Girl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara is the best mascara I’ve ever used. I won’t buy anything else. The brush is thick and fantastic and keeps the mascara from clumping. The waterproof really works too.

  4. Epicuren’s SPF Aloe Enzyme Lip Balm.I absolutely love this lip balm!! I’m a chapstick addict, and always trying new types and brands. This is BY FAR the best I’ve ever had. Literally feels like I’m in a spa each time I put it on.

  5. Epicuren’s SPF Aloe Enzyme Lip Balm is the best! I really like this lip balm. It has a unique flavor and the texture is almost like Vaseline so it really adheres and lasts. I brought this from Skin Care Lab – both the price and shipping are cheaper. And the customer service is fantastic!!

  6. Epicuren’s SPF Aloe Enzyme Lip Balm is the ONLY chap stick for me. I only hope it’s around FOREVER…because since I discovered it, I use nothing else! The eucalyptus/tea tree scent is amazing. The combination of aloe extract, cottonseed oil and cocoa butter not only moisturizes – it shines. My lips would occasionally crack and peel but since discovering this product, that has NOT HAPPENED. It also contains SPF15, which is great for exercising outside, etc. I totally love it!!!

  7. Love Epicuren lip balm. It works better than anything I have tried. Seems expensive but I use it daily and it lasted me about 9 months.

  8. Absolutely love this lip balm!! I’m a chapstick addict, and always trying new types and brands. This is BY FAR the best I’ve ever had. Literally feels like I’m in a spa each time I put it on. Highly Recommend!!

  9. Guerlain Terra Soleia Tan-Enhancing Bronzer sure is a Fantastic product. Far exceeded my expectations (which are pretty high for Guerlain). The powder can be overpowering if overused, in other words, a little goes a long way. It is shimmery, but not in a ostentatious way. It’s best feature is its range of color and tone. If you notice the outer edges of the circle are strictly a terra cotta tone. But, the center is a gold tone. And in between a gradient of these two colors. So, you get various shades from this one product. And of course, beautiful packaging and light violet scent like all Guerlain products.

  10. I always make it a point to buy the limited edition Guerlain bronzers that come out each year. This one is by far my favorite! Once you get through the gold shimmer layer it is a wonderful natural looking bronzer, also it is very large so it last forever.

  11. Guerlain compact is absolutely gorgeous. I love golden bronzers and this gives such a nice, subtle tan glow. The first few times you use it, it is extremely metallic because of the overspray and you need a really, light hand because you can go overboard really quickly. But as soon as the overspray is gone you get such a pretty glow. It’s also a huge size! It as big as my face! Definitely worth it, you’ll have it forever. I love it!! <3

  12. I honestly think Guerlain Terra Soleia Tan-Enhancing Bronzer would look better on darker skin tones. The package is impressive. You get a very large product here, so you do get your money’s worth. However, I am very fair, and there is a bit too much gold in this for me. There is literally some gold glitter in here, and its much more gold than bronzy. That being said, it is beautiful, and would look awesome for a night out, but this isnt for daytime. I think on ebony skin the goldtone would really look beautiful, but not sure it’s right for me. Good product, just make sure you know what you are getting. More gold than bronze, some glitter, not ideal for fair skin.

  13. ‘m a Guerlain fangirl, I collect anything they produce and I’m used to the usually heavy violet scent. Well, in fact this time even I’m a little sensitive to the scent. I also have last year’s Terracotta bronzer (the mosaic one) and people complained about how overpowering the scent was. It’s not even half as scented as Terra Soleia. I can get over that because I don’t constantly dig my nose into the pan, but it might be very disturbing with people who don’t like Guerlain’s scents in general.
    Other than that the product performs beautifully. I know all of Guerlain’s bronzers, but this one is by far the best, beautiful embossment, great pigmentation and the housing is gigantic. This will certainly last centuries!

  14. It was mentioned earlier about CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara having a bad smell. I bought a tube, after swearing by Lash Exact for months, and that put me off too. Then, after looking at a tube my friend had, I realized that something was wrong with mine. I bought a new tube and it doesn’t have any distinct smell.

    The fat brush was a little hassle when I first tried it and I thought I had made a mistake. I liked that coverage and what it did for my lashes – sparse and medium length – by making them fuller and much longer. I have now after about a month figured out how to apply it and get the best results I have ever received from a mascara.

    I wipe the very end of the brush – not the whole thing and then look straight and brush the end back and forth in my lashes. Then I look downward at the mirror to brush the tops of my lashes and then look straight to hit the ends. This has gotten rid of the smudging that almost put me off this in the beginning.

    I also let the mascara dry and then take the tips of my fingers or nails and “pinch” the ends of my lashes. Any dangling bits that you can’t see them are removed and I have not had ANY flaking since I started doing this. For the fullness and length this has given my lashes, the working out how to best apply it has paid off. I have never received compliments for my lashes before until the last few weeks. That works for me! 🙂

  15. CoverGirl lashblast waterproof mascara sure is awesome. If you want some delicate ass lashes, using a formula that washes off like it was made of black butter when you wash your face at night, and you don’t want to use an oil based eye make-up remover – this is not your mascara. (I in fact gave it 4 stars instead of 5 for the slight difficulty of removing it)
    If you want vavavoom, every lash separated, kissing heaven they’re so high, could wear the same mascara for an entire weekend and it’s not going to budge – than this mascara might be for you, sister.
    I curl my lashes before I put this on and use the “business card trick” to coat every lash. Take a business card (duh) after you’ve curled your lashes and press it gently to the lash line, covering your eyelid, and brush on your desired number of coats. It prevents that nasty “unintentional eyeliner” deal and lid smudges. I find I only need one for two coats for daytime, but if you want to go super glam for night this stuff layers nicely, just make sure it fully dries and you do THIN layers otherwise you might get spider eye. But really, if you’re not an idiot (which you most certainly are not!) then you should be fine.
    This stuff holds a curl, won’t move, and is not too heavy. So if anyone happens to break up with you while you’re wearing it then A.) They are an idiot. and B.) Even if you cry you’ll still look fabulous while you do it! They’ll totally want you back.
    But you’re way too good for that! So go bat your fabulous lashes at someone else, sassy mama.

  16. I really don’t think I’ll ever try another mascara unless Covergirl mascara gets discontinued (which I hope is never!). I seriously love it that much. I used to not wear mascara because every one I’ve tried always left me with raccoon eyes or was super clumpy. Lash Blast Waterproof has done neither! It both lengthens and volumizes my lashes, and holds the curl super well. It really enhances the look of my eyes, especially since I’ve gotten so used to not wearing mascara at all. I also like that it stays wet long enough for me to comb through my lashes to make sure that they are all separated. All I need is a coat or two, and I’m good to go! It’s a mascara that does what it says and really delivers. Great product!

  17. WOW!!! I just LOVE CoverGirl lashblast waterproof mascara. I thought it would end up with all the other mascaras I’ve tried over the years that claimed it lengthened. This one actually DOES. I saw it with the first stroke when applying it. If you do want longer eyelashes….and what woman doesn’t….this is the one to get. If there are others better for a similar price, I would like to know about them. Sometimes a couple of lashes might stick together, but I don’t know of any mascara that can keep this from happening….but it’s worth it. I just use my TweezerMan metal eyelash comb and that takes care of that. It flakes a bit on me when it first dries, but just I just use my makeup brush to get it off. But I do have longer lashes with this AND it curls them too. I just LOVE this stuff. It’s the only one I’ll be buying unless something better comes along….maybe something that makes mine twice as thick AND lengthens, doesn’t clump ANY, doesn’t flake and is just perfect. But I won’t hold my breath for that. This is as good as it gets for now I think….love, love, love it.

  18. I started using Covergirl mascara because I am a cook and I needed mascara that would stand up to the conditions in the kitchen without melting and running into my eyes when I perspire. The other reviewer’s advice about not pumping the wand and waiting a few minutes between coats is on point. I have short, straight lashes and for work I use one coat. Outside of work, I may curl or not curl and I sometimes use 2 coats. Once curled, my lashes do not uncurl after application. I have used soap and water, baby oil and olive oil for removal and all work well. The size of the wand and the way the bristles work are all satisfactory to me. I don’t use mascara on my lower lashes so I cannot comment on that. I have not had any clumping or flaking, and I like that it stays soft. I don’t like the feeling when I blink my eyes and my lashes are covered with stiff mascara. I have used no other mascara since I found Lash Blast Waterproof 3 years ago!

  19. I only use mascara, no eyeliner, and Covergirl mascara does the job outlining my eyes by darkening, thickening, lengthening, and helping keep the curl to my eyelashes.

  20. Use Cold Cream to remove Covergirl Mascara(Ponds or generic – both work equally well). Take a finger tip’s worth and spend about 30 seconds or so gently rubbing it over your eyelid and lashes. After a few seconds, you will see the cream begin to darken as it removes the mascara (and any other makeup). Keep rubbing gently until the cream turns dark gray. Then wipe clean with a wet washcloth or a cotton pad. Repeat on the other eye. Follow that with a normal lathering facewash to remove any remaining oily residue. I’ve been using this method for years – works like a charm.

    Love Covergirl mascara!

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