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You want your body to glisten under the summer rays, not resemble a greased up frying pan. Ditch heavy body creams as the mercury rises. Instead, exfoliate dead cells with a Blisslab’s Hot Salt Scrub, and finish off with a dry body oil on trouble spots such as knees, feet and elbows to complete your summer body prep.


Your pores are screaming for air this summer, so revive your skin by shunning creamy cleansers for a foaming gel cleanser. Pre-empt summer skin woes (pores, zits and hissy fits) by being proactive in your cleanser choice. Murad’s Clarifying cleanser keeps skin clean, and pores happy all summer long.



Unless you are a 90 year-old granny, there is no need for night creams this summer— your skin isn’t going to magically wither away during your sleep. Keep your skin breathable by sticking to a light skincare routine. “I tell my patients with oily skin to skip the heavy creams, instead spritz on Hardy & Co. Super Hydrating Skin Pampering Mist day and night. It works wonders for summer skins, keeping it hydrated, fresh and breathable” says Dr Kenneth Lee of The Sloane Clinic.


Retinoids are doctors’ go-to weapon for the treatment of acne, fine lines and a host of other deplorable skin woes, but one of the side effect of this nifty vitamin A cousin is that it renders skin photosensitive. If you are planning on basking in the summer sun, it’s best to give your skin a rest from retinoids. Opt for other non-photosensitizing solutions such as Vitamin C or Astaxanthin—both are antioxidants that can reverse sun damage and neutralize free radical attack on dermal cells, vital for maintaining a youthful and supple mein. “I tell ladies: avoid the sun but if you can’t, at least apply sunscreen and topical antioxidants like our Sloane Inc Skin Superfood Red Algae S9.8 which offers both skin protection and hydration,” advises Dr Michelle Lim, from The Sloane Clinic.


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4 thoughts on “Summer Dos & Don’ts”

  1. I love the energizing yet zen-like eucalyptus scent of The Bliss Labs Hot Salt Scrub. Since this has to be used on dry skin, I use it while I am treating my hair with a mask, then hop in the shower to rinse everything off. I use this by taking small amounts at a time and following the same strokes as I would for body brushing (moving towards the heart, then circular motions on my stomach and back). This scrub does not get hot, but does slightly warm the body. This is very comforting in the winter, but not uncomfortable in the summer months. This scrub rinses of clean. It does not leave a residue like other body scrubs I have tried. That being said, I do have to moisturize my body after using this. I love that it leaves my skin smooth, and my skin is generally smooth for a few days afterwards. The price is high at $36.00 for 14.1 oz, but I find that with weekly use it will last about four months. The only thing I don’t like about this scrub is the container. The container has a lid that can be hard to get a grip on, and it is difficult to replace the lid when your hands are covered with salt granules. However, I can deal with minor packaging issues because this scrub performs so well and it is a product not tested on animals.

  2. Murad’s Clarifying Skin Cleanser is a really great cleanser. I don’t have acne, but I do get the occasional breakout along my jawline or on my chin and this cleanser really seems to help dry everything out and minimize the blemishes. I use it after my Dermalogica PreCleanse oil and it makes my face incredibly soft and smooth afterward. I don’t even use my Clarisonic that much anymore because it started irritating my skin and making it flake/peel after I started using retinol cream and glycolic acid moisturizers at night so now I just use the tips of my fingers to scrub my face and even doing that my skin feels so smooth after using the Murad cleanser. Just make sure to scrub really well for at least a minute or so if you’re not using the Clarisonic, otherwise it doesn’t give as much of a clean feel. I also think the consistency of the cleanser is just perfect – it’s not too runny like many other liquid cleansers, which make it kind of messy when trying to wash your face with your hands. This is my favorite cleanser and I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. Will definitely repurchase once I run out as well.

  3. I used bliss Hot salt scrub for the first time last night before i jumped in the shower. I found that using this scrub when skin is dry is definitely a bit harsh, I read a review where someone mentioned using a bit of body butter first then using the scrub and i can see how that would totally help. I have KP in some unflattering places (tear) that were flaring up recently I used this last night as directed. I scrubbed in circular motions for about 30 seconds and I did feel the product warm up, not “hot” by any means. The salt does not dissolve and you can definitely get a nice scrub in, after about 30 seconds the bit of oil in the product is absorbed and you can really scrub much more so that is pretty fool proof. Once I hopped in the shower, the salt came right off and my skin felt so smooth I could hardly believe it. It made my skin incredibly smooth, no residue, no oil or grease. My skin was not burning or irritated (even the KP areas) and this morning those areas looked alot less irritated. After the shower I applied some Nivea body lotion and my skin is still very smooth today. The smell is a little like vapor rub or icy hot but its not a smell that lingers on your body post shower. I showered like normal after exfoliating using my aveeno body wash and my skin was still smooth after that and didn’t smell like the scrub. I would definitely buy this again but only for use on my kp area. I prefer the smell and scrub of bliss’s blood orange and white pepper sugar scrub over this for the rest of my body.

  4. Although the Bliss Hot salt Scrub are expensive but I think I’ll buy one to try as I do not want to buy the sugar scrub. I mean really?!! sugar scrub. I think it gross to put sugar on your skin. I rather have salt scrub. Though I think that if you want to go out, after u put the scrub, you might want to wear some perfume or smth as it kind of smell. Or just just another kind of favour. I totally recommend the orange favour. Or just buy a Lemon and sage body wash. ^^

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