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“You look like you have put on weight,“ remarked my husband of 8 years nonchalantly one fine morning while I was hot and flustered trying to get breakfast ready for the 3 kids— excluding him. I was taken aback and dumbfounded. This man has obviously not read the handbook of ‘101 things not to say to a women’ nor understand the toil the marriage TO HIM had taken on me. Anyway, he didn’t get his dinner made, nor his work clothes ironed that evening while I was out on a shopping spree with his credit card.

As I was trying on my fifth pair of Manolo Blahnik, it got me thinking— what if we women are the ones pointing out what we don’t like about our men? Recent studies show that only three per cent of British women are happy with their looks but nearly every woman is forgiving of her husband or boyfriend’s appearance. A survey of women’s attitudes confirms that most set themselves impossible aesthetic targets while accepting their husband or boyfriend’s appearance without question. If the tables are turned, what then are some of the body flaws on men which women find revolting? Let RSB sums up for you the top 5 glitches we would love to banish to No Man’s Land and how to deal with them!

1. Hair from nose & ears

Unless it’s on your head, hair has no place, and should not be sprouting from your ears and nose. If you are still wondering if anyone will notice that two errant tuffs of hair peeping out from your nostrils and ears, the answer is a resounding YES! As an analogy, that’s as repulsive to us as the lady wearing a sleeveless top with bushy pits standing right next to you on the morning train. It’s not attractive and it triggers an unkempt elderly image. Always make it a point to keep small clippers and tweezers handy to clip away any pesky strands that’s hanging astray. This is a small step of grooming that will no doubt bring you several notches up in our books.

2. Receding Hairlines & Comb-overs

Unless you have pockets as deep as Donald Trump’s, no woman is going to overlook a hairstyle that is desperately trying to cover up a receding hairline. If you are follicularly challenged, by all means let your bald patch shine through and embrace your masculinity in the footsteps of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood— Sean Connery, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham just to name a few. However, all is not lost if you would rather try to preserve or revive your crowning glory.

In recent years, laser light therapy has gained momentum as a modality in the effective treatment of hair loss. The FDA approved Revage 670 Laser which contains a total of 30 laser diodes is widely recognised as the gold standard of laser therapy to your follicular woes, rejuvenating thinning hairlines by thickening fine and miniaturised hair. In addition, hair transplant has also been brought to a whole new level with the introduction of the revolutionary ARTAS Robotic hair transplant system developed and pioneered by Restoration Robotics. This FDA approved procedure promises to scale new heights by utilizing advanced digital technology and precise robotics to give you fuller, healthy looking hair by harvesting permanent hair from the back of  the head and effectively transplanting them into thinner areas, allowing them to regrow naturally with little downtime.

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3. Male Boobs

Male breasts have absolutely no place on a man’s chest. And if yours are demanding unnecessary attention and drawing unwelcomed stares and sniggers, it’s high time you do something about them. Going by the scientific name of Gynaecomastia, enlarged breasts affect up to 40% of men with the majority secondary to general obesity. Consequently, the best way to get rid of them is with exercises and a proper diet. More severe cases of moderate to advanced gynaecomastia are however best treated surgically. With the advent of minimally invasive surgeries,  Male Breast Reduction now enlists advanced, minimally invasive liposuction techniques such as Vaser Liposelection which can be done under light sedation with local anaesthesia as a much shorter procedure with shorter recovery time. The resulting scars are usually fairly inconspicuous at below 5mm and most patients are largely satisfied with the outcome.

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4. Hairy Back

We would love a sexy back but not a hairy one! Unless you are a real- life Huge Jackman masquerading as Wolverine, there is no such thing as werewolf chic. There is absolutely no pity paddle around this, take it all off or at least closely clipped. Waxing done professionally is a good option but nothing beats Laser Hair Removal for long lasting results.

“Laser and IPL hair removal are currently the most advanced techniques that can be used for permanent hair reduction safely and effectively,” explains Dr Chua Han Boon, senior medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic. “With each successive session, you will notice significantly fewer, finer and fairer hair that grows at a much slower rate over the areas treated.”

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5. Beer Belly & Love Handles

We are just trying hard not to bruise your ego when we tell you that we prefer huggable men that are a little soft around the middle. The truth is, we hate the protruding beer belly as much as we abhor a muffin top on us ladies. Inactivity, lack of exercise and poor dietary habits all contribute to a post marriage expanding waistline. Engaged in family orientated activities such as cycling, jogging and ball games to get your calories burning. Organise excursions to a nature reserve for brisk walking and hiking rather than a mall outing for junk food and titbits shopping.

For those who need a little help to get rid of stubborn pockets of unwanted fat deposits, Coolsculpting is the latest non- surgical option for target fat removal with virtually no downtime. Also known as cryolipolysis, Coolsculpting is easily performed without the need of anaesthesia by placing an appropriately sized applicator over the area(s) to be treated. The fat is frozen and then gradually eliminated through the urine over the next 2 to 3 months with scientific papers recognized by the FDA showing results of up to 22% of fat loss after a single treatment. In other words, a fifth of the blubber around the waist is gotten rid of for good!

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