Besides being told to have lost weight, the best compliment IMHO is being told not to look one’s age. We all know the usual ways to get around things— a new haircut, some fashionable togs and a snazzy attitude to top it all. However, there are certain dead giveaways to one’s actual age that is challenging to deal with to say the least. If we can find ways to deal with these pesky signs of aging, we can definitely shave more than a mere couple of years away. Let RSB share with you our top 5 cheat tips to keep them guessing at the number game!

1. Panda Eyes

One of the earliest signs of aging occur around the eyes and it’s not surprising consider the skin under the eyes being much thinner than the rest of our face. With age, there is a loss of fat pad under the eyes, widening of the sockets and thinning of the overlying skin. All these changes translate into sunken eyes with crepey skin riddled with fine lines, at times worsened by the presence of dark eye circles. If we can rejuvenate these areas, we can certainly revive the youthfulness of our peepers.

Volume loss tends to create unflattering shadows that only serve to worsen any pre-existing dark eye circles. In addition, any eye bags present will be paradoxically enlarged in such a situation. Moderate to severe undereye hollowing can be corrected with carefully placed Natural Injectable Fillers. At the same time, undereye discolouration can be treated with Laser Toning with the help of a Pigment Laser. This gentle treatment makes use of laser waves to break down and reduce excessive dermal pigmentation while stimulating the deep layers of the skin to produce collagen; thereby thickening the fragile and thinned out skin of the areas treated.

“Our Eye Revival Program is specially formulated for a complete overhaul of tired, aging eyes with a combination of Laser Toning and Revitalift  undereyes,” explains Dr. Chua Han Boon, medical consultant with The Sloane Clinic.  “Laser Toning brightens the skin, improves sluggish blood circulation and stimulates collagen replenishment while Revitalift consists of carefully placed microinjections which complements the laser effects by replenishing the treated areas with youth reviving small particle hyaluronic acid that give exceedingly natural looking results,”

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2. Vampire Skull

Noticed how with age some women tend to have narrowing of the width of the forehead with a resulting skull- liked appearance? This look is secondary to the loss of temporal fat pads on both sides of the head, making one gaunt and frail- looking.  If they look straight at themselves in the mirror, these affected ladies would not be able to visualise the distal end of their eyebrows, giving the appearance that their brows ‘had fallen off the cliffs’ bilaterally. Such deficits are best corrected with Juvederm Voluma injections. Voluma is  one of the latest FDA approved hyaluronic acid facial volumisers in the market that promises even greater volumising effects that can last up to 18 months if proper care is taken after administration.

3. Marionette’s Lines

When you see a youthful face, one of the most endearing features that sets many a gentleman’s heart fluttering is the coy, subtle hint of a smile with an upturned lip. Unfortunately, this feature tends to get lost with the passage of time. As our collagen that provides pillars of soft tissue support to the corners of our lips weakens with age, the ends of our mouths start to sag into a downturned position, lending one the appearance of a permanent, sad looking scowl. This grumpy look of distaste is further worsened by hyperactivity of the Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) and the Mentalis muscles which comes with advanced age. The action of the DAO muscles is to pull the angles of the mouth downwards while that of the Mentalis is to cause dimpling of the chin. A touch of Botox can certainly help to relax these hyperactive muscles and when used in tandem with the appropriate Natural Fillers to treat the “Droppy Mouth Corners Syndrome” , the results are nothing short of astounding.

4. Turkey Neck

Studies have shown that up to 70% of women seeking aesthetic treatments to fight aging are focusing only on their faces. This couldn’t be more wrong as the neck, being an oft neglected area must be one of the most deadly giveaways that shouts out your actual age. Double chin, prominent platysmal bands and deeply etched horizontal lines all contribute to the repulsive but aptly named “Turkey Neck Syndrome”. Going by the very elegant moniker of The Nefertiti Lift, so named after the Egyptian Queen famous for her beautiful slender neck, this simple lunchtime treatment involves tiny microinjections of botulinum toxin into the neck muscles to smooth out those unsightly muscular bands. As for the horizontal neck lines, they are best addressed with tiny injections of a soft hyaluronic acid filler combined with radiofrequency Thermage CPT® therapy to boost collagen regeneration and remodelling thus ‘ironing out’ thin, crepey neck skin. It is widely shown that when performed together, better synergistic results were achieved compared to both treatments done separately.

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5. Witches’ Hands

Besides the neck, our hands are possibly the hardest areas to lie about one’s actual age. Being exposed and subjected to the constant insults of environmental elements and chemicals that we are forced to come in contact with in our activities of daily living, the aging hands display pigmentation, thinned out skin and shrivelled muscles reminiscence of those belonging to ‘The Witches of Macbeth’.

Volume loss and hollowing of the hands can be successfully treated with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers injections. Placed judiciously beneath the skin, these moisture absorbing agents  help raise the skin level so that tendons, joints and veins lose their prominence and thus re-plump and replenish volume loss to the back of hands to provide a supple and youthful appearance before you could chant “Abracadabra”!


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  1. Simple tips to ageing gracefully– good sleep, plenty of water, and limit excessive exposure to sunshine. Cheap and good advice, if you ask me.

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