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What: Contain natural clay substances that deep cleanse skin by drawing impurities to the skin’s surface as it dries and tightens.

Ideal for: Oily skin and combination skin types who desire mattifying treat for their shiny complexions.

RSB’s picks: Ren Invisible Pores Detox mask draws out impurities from clogged skin, effectively reducing pores size and leaves the skin purified, smoothed, and toned.


What: Peel-off masks come in gel, plastic, or paraffin wax subtypes, but they’re not as absorbent as clay masks. Peel-off masks tighten the skin temporarily while others stimulate the blood supply. The peeling off process also helps exfoliate the skin.

Ideal for: Ideal companions for dull yet mature skin types.

RSB’s picks: Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask exfoliates skin, tightens pores and renews skin’s texture in just ten minutes. This mask’s unique combination of stimulating, nourishing yet soothing active ingredients is a treat for tired skins in need of TLC.


What: Thermal masks gradually heat up on application. They warm surface tissues and stimulate blood circulation.

Ideal: Lacklustre skins

RSB’s picks: Boots No7 Purifying Sauna Mask heats up on contact with water to open pores and leave your skin feeling pink and refreshed.


Cream masks contain emollient properties that soften skin.

Ideal for: Normal, mature or dry skin types who want to rejuvenate their facial skin by adding moisture.

RSB’s picks: Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Mask – Revitalize and moisturize dry to very dry facial skin with this intensive mask treatment.


What: Sheet masks can be made from cotton fibre or gel sheets. They tend to be more soothing and less exfoliating than peel off masks, and are perfect for rejuvenation and calming purposes. For that reason, they are commonly used post laser treatment.

Ideal: All skin types especially post-laser or dull skins looking for a pick-me-up.

RSB’s picks: Sloane Inc’s Pefecting Mask infuses hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts and marine peptides to leave skin velvety soft, supple and more radiant.


  1. Always read and follow instructions on the product label.
  2. Apply mask evenly, with clean fingers or a mask brush.
  3. Time the mask according to the product’s instructions. Do not leave mask on for longer than instructed.
  4. Do not use facial masks if you are suffering from any allergies, rash or sunburn.
  5. If you feel any discomfort or stinging sensation, remove mask immediately
  6. Follow the product’s instructions to remove facial mask. Some masks are removed by rinsing with water, while others are removed by wiping gently with damp, warm cotton pads.


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8 thoughts on “Beauty Mask Unmasked”

  1. I was recommended to use this mask to reduce congestion. I only use REN products in my daily routine as I have very sensitive skin! The REN Mask is gentle on your skin, feels great on, easy to apply and rinse off. I noticed the next morning that congested areas where cleared out. I use this product twice a week and it has made such a difference in my skin, especially the feel of it! I have never used a Mask before and was quite skeptical but like all the other REN products I use, it really does its job. 😀

  2. I’ve been using this for a while now and it’s different to other masks I’ve tried. The good things I like about it are that it heats up nicely when applied to the face. The directions state you massage it into your skin for 1-2mins and then relax for about 2 mins and then wash off. The mask is very gentle which I like because I use quite a harsh exfoliator on my face daily and this has no grainy bits in it which makes it gentle. Anyway it’s a bit hard to wash off as it does stick to your face but it leaves my face quite soft and fresh looking.

  3. Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask calms down my breakouts, smooths my skin’s texture. And doesn’t make my extremely sensitive skin react. Part of the Anti-Dark Spot and Radiance Set, which is doing lovely things for my skin. Caudalie is pricey as hell, so I was hoping I wouldn’t get hooked on these products. I’ve never used an entire skincare system before, but this one is working well for me. Will definitely repurchase.

  4. Boots No7 Purifying Sauna Mask is so nice, not too hot like some other sauna masks and the added exfoliators left my skin really nice and smooth. If I could make any changes, I would make a bigger tube because I can’t get enough of this stuff and I’m scared of using it all up quickly! 😉

  5. I never used to use any facial masks, they just seems to be a waste of money but after my big 3-0, i have realised their benefits, esp when you are constantly on-the-go and highly strung like me. maybe its psychological but the small investment to make my skin look rested and supple is priceless!

  6. I’m only 22 so was a little skeptical about using Estee Lauder – Resilience Lift Extra-Firming Revitalizing Mask as I was worried it would break me out! but after reading the reviews and hearing from a friend that it is a really good mask, i had to try it out. I’m so happy I did! This mask doesn’t tighten like other ones (which is one reason why I love it) so I can leave it on for 15-20 minutes and not feel uncomfortable. I also sometimes leave it on over night and wash it off in the morning. Whenever I use it, my skin is instantly radiant and supple, my dry patches are hydrated, my skin feels incredibly smooth and I have noticed my dark circles under my eye and my eye area in general is a bit firmer. I love this mask so very much. it is a bit pricey, but for my skin there is no price. 😀

  7. I just purchased this product a week ago and have only used it once, but after only one time I noticed a nice difference in the texture of my skin. I don’t have saggy skin in the first place so I wasn’t looking for any lift. It does deliver firmness through plumping the skin. The iridescent coloring Im sure is for deflecting to minimize the appearance of fine lines. The smell does not bug me, I know there are a few comments of the scent being chemical smelling, but that is not true there are a lot of natural ingredient in this so maybe some would find it odd, but not me I find it actually pleasant, but I have also put sea kelp on my skin..nothing worse then the smell of that. Overall I think its a great product for the price I don’t feel that its too much considering the competition of similar products. One thing though it is very rich so a little bit goes a long way, and make sure you rinse off the product not just wipe off I found that to be key for me. Other then that I received a compliment the very day I did it and 3 days later my skin still felt great.

  8. OK it can’t now be a coincidence – the last 3 times I’ve used the Estee Lauder mask someone has complimented me on my skin the same day – I’ll reiterate it’s not firming but as an intense hydrator and instant pick-me-up it works!
    I quite like this and had to put that I’d buy it again as I did get a second tube. I don’t think it delivers any dramatic results but it does give your skin a nice firm texture and a radiant glow for a few hours after application so it’s good for a night out.
    The smell is a bit odd but I can bear it for 15 minutes while I’m wearing the mask. The moisturizer in the same range has the same smell and I can’t put up with it all day.
    The mask is easy to apply and remove, it does give your face a rather alien look as it changes colour. I think I got at least 12 applications from one tube so not bad value.

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